These Little Kids' Hairstyles Will Blow Your Mind

We’d forgotten about this grade-school phenomenon: Teachers dream up wackadoo dress-up days to keep kids’ creativity — and freak flags — a-flying. Well, the latest iteration that’s sweeping U.S. grade schools — “Crazy Hair Day” — has us laugh-cry-snotting into our adult beverages and thanking our lucky stars that we dodged this trend. (Or maybe jealous we missed it, we can't really tell.)

To celebrate the theme day, zany kids (read: their spirited parents) are molding their hair into interesting shapes and creatures. And the accessories go way beyond plastic hair clips. Think prehistoric dioramas and cupcake buns. Our favorite? Pours of soda. Naturally, we've rounded up some of the best ahead.

As these industrious stylists one-up each other with increasingly embarrassing #TBTs in the making, we’re giving props to their must-see 'dos and the teachers who dreamed up this high holiday. Crazy Hair Day: keeping grade school weird, one hairstyle at a time.

Photo: Via @_0k4y.
Who knew the solution to grade-school tangled hair was to simply stuff it into a plastic soda bottle?
Photo: Via Imgur.
Storytelling galore in this style: "Oh my god, shark, chill Lego surfer dude! Shark!"
Photo: Via @ocirishdiva.
Double buns become cupcakes and braids become mermaid tails during this hair holiday.
Photo: Via @daniela_acosta.
The higher the Ms. Potato Head, the closer to god?
Photo: Via @annieplascencia.
The cutest boys in third grade always had cool hair, but add a tube of gel and googly eyes into the mix and it's party time.
Photo: Via @adryrttz.
Staging colorful hair ties as pouring cereal is pretty cute, but this girl also gets bonus points for matching her lip gloss to her Loops.
Photo: Via @aliciaacoronado.
This garden party may seem kooky, until you recall some of the fascinators worn to the royal wedding. Samesies, we say. Samesies.
Photo: Via @almabmv.
What better way to upgrade a punk-y green fauxhawk than with mean-mugging dinosaurs?
Photo: Via @mkinserdouglas.
Is it us or does this doughnut by way of ballerina bun look good enough to eat? We mean, the frosting is real...right?
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