Abercrombie Store Employees Are Forced To Exercise When They Screw Up

Can you imagine eating a croissant? How disgusting would that be. Gnarly. Just kidding — as much as we love to hate carbs, we can't give up (at least not on the weekends) the flaky goodness that is Le Pain Quotidien. But, for Abercrombie models, munching on the French equivalent of a bagel is enough to get you fired, as this Zoolander learned in Montauk. So, we shouldn't really be surprised that when A&F employees in the Milan store screw up, they're punished with exercise. Specifically, guy staffers have to do 10 pushups for each mistake, while the ladies get off "easy" with 10 squat thrusts. We think that policy might secretly be in effect at the Madison Avenue store — those lines for the clothes for the dudes with six-packs might be shorter if a gut was waiting behind those velvet ropes. Gotta go, HR's making us put down the baguette now. (The Cut)
Photo: Via The Cut

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