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Hillary Clinton came out in favor of medical marijuana. (Refinery29)
At least 30 University of Missouri football players are boycotting the season in protest of the school’s president. (Chicago Tribune)
Myanmar held its first open general election in 25 years. (BBC)
The presidents of Taiwan and mainland China met for peace talks for the first time since 1949. (USA Today)
A Colorado high school uncovered a “sexting ring” involving over 100 students. (Time)
Hundreds of Angelenos reported spotting a U.F.O., but the government claims the lights were just a missile test launch. (Gawker)
Google Map’s new update will inform you of your favorite stores’ holiday hours. (Tech Times)
An amazing arcus shelf cloud appeared over Sydney. Naturally, the internet suspected it was photoshopped. Spoiler: It was real. (Refinery29)

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