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Katy Perry is the highest-paid woman in music, earning $135 million in 2015. She beat out Taylor Swift by some $55 million. (Refinery29)
NASA is recruiting new astronauts for an eventual trip to Mars. Have YOU spent 1,000+ hours piloting a jet aircraft? (Refinery29)
Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the cultivation of marijuana for personal use. Technically, the ruling only applies to the four plaintiffs. (Refinery29)
GOP presidential candidate John Kasich asked an Iowa woman whether she’s ever “been on a diet.” Rude. (Mic)
Ben Carson’s campaign released an old-school rap ad. It rhymes “Carson” with “awesome.” (Refinery29)
Despite protests, it seems Saturday Night Live will not drop Donald Trump as a host. (Huffington Post)
Sia’s music video for “Alive” stars a new wig-clad prodigy, martial artist Mahiro Takano. (Bustle)
Why do dogs tilt their heads when you speak? They're actually listening to you (unlike cats). (Refinery29)
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