The Non-Beach-Hair Guide To Summer Styles

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Beach waves — that's immediately where most women's minds go when they think of summer hairstyles. Of course, we love ourselves a good, tousled tress, but not everyone's warm-weather agenda includes a white, sandy beach. And, if we do have killer, non-ocean plans, the style may not necessarily be appropriate for them. Ultimately, beach waves, while lovely, can get pretty boring if that's all you're doing with your summer strands.
So, what's to come of your hair this season? Leave that to us. Ahead, we've rounded up 12 styles that are perfect for any event on your schedule this summer. Whether you're headed on a cross-country road trip or to your friend's bachelorette weekend, click on to see the looks that will take you there. Hair-wise, at least.
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Rooftop Dance Party
You know how the mullet was "business in the front, party in the back"? This low pony flips those proportions — and looks much cooler doing it. Section off a large portion of hair at one side of your head, and then pull the rest to the nape of your neck. Now, go get your dance on!
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Summer Wedding
A whimsical update on the victory roll is perfect for an outdoor wedding; it keeps the hair off your neck while still being elegant. Pro tip: Use a curling iron to achieve the roll. Just don't brush out your hair — that way, your strands will be easier to fold under themselves.
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Summer Barbecue
Standing outside with a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other means you give zero you-know-whats about your hair. An oversized, messy headband braid is no-muss but still provides major impact. Extra points for those lazy-girl fuzzy bits around your crown.
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Dining Alfresco
Okay, we hear you — a sleek blowout may not be perfect for the summertime. (Hello, humidity!) But, with the right product cocktail, you can achieve shiny, frizz-free strands. Make sure you prep with a heat protectant, plus a leave-in conditioner or dry oil. Once your hair is done, spritz on an anti-humidity hairspray. All set.
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Sunset Cocktails
Use this opportunity to give your updo an overhaul. An undone French twist is equal parts sleek and sexy. This is especially great for ladies with shorter strands or layers — if pieces of your style fall out, it'll just add to the cool factor.
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Camping Trip
Here's the beauty of the milkmaid braid: Do it tight enough when you first plait it and you can sleep in it. Not only will the style stay put, but if it gets a little mussy, it'll just make your 'do look cooler. This makes it pretty perfect for a camping trip. Do your braid before you head out into the woods, and then forget about it until you reenter civilization.
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A low ponytail is the obvious go-to (no one wants their tresses flying in their eyes mid-ride), but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Add a fun clip or hair accessory to the style before you slap on your helmet. Even a scrunchie would add some pizzazz to this old standby.
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Picnic in the Park
Waves they may be, but these have never seen a beach. When your hair is wet, braid sections in varying sizes. Take a nap, wake up, and you'll have a variety of wave sizes and shapes — seriously sweet.
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Pool Party
Since your hair is likely going to get wet, why not go for the wet-hair look? This toned-down version gets the ladylike treatment with the help of a headband — a score for those of us growing out our winter bangs. Bonus: Use coconut oil to slick back your strands. It will condition your hair and protect it from the drying, color-morphing effects of the chlorine. And, no, it won't create a lake of grease around you when you dive into the water. Promise.
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A day traipsing around in the heat of an unfamiliar city means your hair should stay as far away from your neck as possible. But, instead of your typical, messy top knot, go for something with a bit more polish. That way, you can transition to your dinner plans without popping back to your hotel.
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Bachelorette Weekend
Although it may seem like the time to go all-out with your hair and makeup, after a few cocktails, you're going to want to do something simple. A mid-length ponytail with loads of volume is exactly what you need right now. Tease the crown before smoothing your hair back, and then use the comb to add a pumped-up section down the tail of your updo.
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Road Trip
The best part about a road trip is that you never really know where you're going to wind up. So, you need a hairstyle that can go from the world's biggest radish stand to partying on Bourbon Street. A windblown French braid with just the right amount of muss will get you from point A to point B looking fantastic.
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