8 Things To Know This AM — May 20 2014

The conflict between nudity and Instagram came to a head this weekend when Grace Coddington shared a nude sketch. Though the fashion industry welcomed it with open arms, the rest of the world got her account temporarily disabled. She's back, but the discussion over bare breasts and social media is gaining momentum. (The Cut)
As the world patiently awaits Star Wars: Episode VII, J.J. Abrams has penned a motivational letter for the cast and his faithful audience. (/Film)
The team meant to save the now-aging Grey Lady has lost another member, bringing the digital strategy team at The New York Times down to two key players. (Quartz)
On the tech front: The Winklevoss twins, the men who won a settlement with Facebook claiming Mark Zuckerberg ripped off their social-media idea, believe Bitcoin will be bigger than the 'Book. (Mashable)
Well, this is something we don't see from banks too often: Credit Suisse has pled guilty in a tax-evasion case. (The New York Times)
Though total coastal-city abandonment is centuries away, the Times' climate-change report warns more harm will be experienced if urban environments don't begin preparing now. (New Republic)
A health investigator for the United Nations has stressed to the World Health Organization the necessity of an unhealthy-food tax. Using the way the world rallied to regulate tobacco as an example, Olivier de Schutter has called for a "bold framework convention on adequate diets." (Fox)
Finally, a district judge in Oregon has struck down the state's gay-marriage ban. Let the same-sex ceremonies begin! (The Huffington Post)

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