5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 25 2014

Happy 80th birthday Gloria Steinem, proof that ageism is utter B.S. (Fast.Co)
Celebs less deserving of a Vogue cover than Kimye — because everyone still has an opinion. (Jezebel)
Big news: Looks like The Pixies found its mind and put it toward a fresh new LP — it's first in 20 years! (The Pixies)
Malaysia Flight 370 didn't just go missing. We of the Streaming Age missed it. Worth discussion around the failings and triumphs of our digital world. (The Daily Beast)
On the nostalgia front, we've got (maybe, sorta-kinda) proof that the '90s are back. The Spice Girls might be touring with the Backstreet Boys after all. (MTV)
And, as a bonus, here's what everyone will be talking about today: New York Mag digs deep into the world of Upworthy, and it's eye-opening. (New York Mag)
5things_embedPhoto: Mario Testino/Vogue.

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