Make A Spectacle: Makeup Essentials For Girls Who Wear Glasses

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We are singularly obsessed with cool eyeglasses, and stylish frames are some of the hottest accessories on the market today. Not to mention, rocking a pair is the easiest way to elevate an outfit. But, what's the best thing about getting your hands on a set of lenses that really speaks to your signature style? Crafting a makeup look that helps your face really stand out behind them.
We've gathered some of our favorite makeup products and a whole bunch of tips to help your gorgeous eyes shine, no matter what kind of frame or prescription. Ready to go glam in glasses? Check out these tips and see your way to your next best makeup look.
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First order of business: Get your brows in order. They sit right over your frames, so there's nowhere to hide bad grooming.
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A good creamy complexion is a must. Use a foundation that gives you a great glow.
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Yellow-based concealers will help mask any dark circles, which can get amplified underneath prescription lenses.
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A good powder goes a long way to getting an even skin tone underneath your lenses.
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Just a touch of illuminator tapped around your eyes and down the center of your nose will act like tiny spotlights. This trick helps your eyes stay visible behind your frames.
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This is not the time to skip the blush; a touch on the apples of your cheeks helps your face look healthy and glowing.
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Go with shadows that have a touch of shimmer to add light behind your lenses. Nudes, corals, taupes, and coffee colors with a bit of shine help your peepers pop.
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When you head out in the evening, creating a smoky eye with a touch of color at the center will give you a standout look.
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Feeling lazy today? Nude liner inside the lower lashline of your eye will help you look instantly awake and alert.
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A touch of shimmering metallic shadow at the center of the lid (over the orb of the eye) will give your eyes dimension, day or night.
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Love the nightlife? Feel free to go full-on glitter shimmer on the center of your eyeshadow game. Your glasses will frame the look beautifully.
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If your frames are on the thinner side, use a narrow line to define your eyes. Another important tip: If your prescription makes your eyes look smaller, line your eyes all the way around so they appear larger.
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On the flip side, if you have thicker frames, use a wider eyeliner to define your eyes so they don't get lost behind your beloved style.
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Prescription lenses can really highlight any mistakes, so be sure to combine your eye makeup well with a blending brush. This one is a lifesaver.
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Go for at least two coats of volumizing mascara for eyes that'll get noticed. Skip the lengthening formulas; they'll only smudge your lenses and drive you nuts.
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Looking for a fun alternative for your regular mascara? Use colored mascara to keep 'em guessing. Combining colored mascaras is crazy-good fun at night.
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A bold lip is the best friend of any girl rocking frames. Bonus: This blue-tinged pink also helps your teeth look whiter.
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Pastels are big for spring, so why not rock the eyeglasses AND an unexpected lip color this spring?
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