Spring Playlist: 23 Dance-Worthy Tracks From One Hot NYC DJ

If you're anything like us, you're listening to music through half of the day and all of the night. You speak in song lyrics. Your headphones are your favorite hat. When you're out, you request the same song over and over until the DJ relents (and sometimes that jam is Carly Rae Jepsen, so sue us!). So, it's only natural that you're yearning for a mix that's the audio indicator of spring (umm, it's 70 degrees out!). That's why we tapped hottie/DJ/man-about-town, Brendan Fallis, to put together a playlist that's not only for the musically inclined, but also the party enthusiast. And the gang's all here: we've got new sounds, catchy rhymes, and ole' faithfuls (Hall and Oates remix, much?). If your day needs some enlightenment and Tony Robbins is your only option, give this a try instead. We've even got captions for each song from Fallis himself. We promise it'll have you swinging from the chandelier (or at least bopping along at your desk) in no time.
01_VIDEO-GAMES-GT-REMIXLana Del Rey Grandtheft Remix
"Video Games" [MP3]
"Can't deny how great Lana Del Rey's voice is, but add a perfectly set beat by Grandtheft that gives it something to move, too, and you're set." Buy this artist.
02_artworks-000019071105-vyl34v-originalFelix Cartal
"Black To White, Featuring Miss Palmer" [MP3]
"Basic piano chords are winning right now, and a good female vocal on top of that seems to be the recipe for an awesome song." Buy this song.
03_tumblr_lttrz7xgA71qh715q_1319887918_coverKeljet & Falcon Punch
"Saturday Night" [MP3]
"New disco is also a hot trend right now.  'Saturday Night' includes a great old hook and adds the new disco twist."
"Embody" [MP3]
"Parisian electro is still hot even though people think it has passed.  Just go to Le Baron and you'll know why this is still being played nightly." Buy this song.
"Harvest Moon" [MP3]
"People shy away from classic rock artists, but their lyrics and voices were well received for a reason—add some new flavor to the mix and you'll being seeing more songs like this." Buy this artist.
"My Love For You" [MP3]
"We've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell...  enough said." Buy this song.
07_31lI3PupDyLFujiya & Miyagi
"Collarbone" [MP3]
"Deep baselines and a little funky percussion make this an absolute must." Buy this song.
"All Of Me" [MP3]
T"he hollow voice and basic sound of Matt & Kim continue to resonate with new bands." Buy this song.
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Photos: Via Grandtheft, Felix Cartal, Keljet & Falcon Punch, SebastiAn, Poolside, Esg, Fujiya &Miyagi, Tanlines
09_jpegMartin Solveig, A-Trak Remix
"The Night Out" [MP3]
"A-trak (seasoned veteran) and Matin Solveig together on a track....pretty sure it's gonna stick around for a while." Buy this artist.
10_Hall_&_Oates_Band-CANT-FIND-DJ-SHOTHall & Oates, Foot & Mouth Remix
"Can't Go For That" [MP3]
"Again flipping a classic song with a new fresh taste and just the right touch." Buy the original.
11_Laneclot-We-Can-Dance-EP1-1024x1024Lancelot, Goldroom Remix
"We Can Dance" [MP3]
"Goldroom just has the right ear and taste to make every song he touches completely enjoyable. As a new favorite artist of the moment, make sure to get it all!" Buy this song.
"Get The Money" [MP3]
"The slow melodic beats that would have been confusing years ago have become more clear thanks to dubstep. This new genre is clean and perfect for relaxing." Buy this song.
13_396494_366225580062974_171293496222851_1406106_1830225845_nFoxes, Adventure Club Remix
"Youth" [MP3]
"Add a little dubstep to a good vocal and find out why Adventure Club is at the top of the dubstep game."
14_293179_258685320821827_223225074367852_922274_3176099_nClams Casino
"I'm God" [MP3]
"Clams Casino has opened a new category. Listen to this five times over and you'll know why @clammyclams isn't going anywhere."
15_schoolboyfeatasaprockySchoolboy Q. Featuring A$AP Rocky
"Hands On The Wheel" [MP3]
"A$AP might be the hottest name at the moment. Listen to his flow on the second verse and you'l see why it's so rhythmic, creating its own beat over the beat, which by the way is such a good flip of Lissie's 'Pursuit of Happiness' cover.  Everyone should own both." Buy this song.
Adele, Clark Kent Remix
"Someone Like You" [MP3]
"Adele anything, really, but this remix is actually extremely good." Buy the original.
All music is for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If you would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.
Photos: Via Martin Solveig, Hall & Oates, Lancelot, Pantyraid, Foxes, Clams Casino, Schoolboy Q, Adele
17_artworks-000004841926-yxktof-originalLykki Li, The Magician Remix
"I Follow Rivers" [MP3]
"Possibly one of the best song of the past year, great for tons of different settings." Buy this song.
18_artworks-000014005831-n3ot4l-originalNikki & The Dove, Goldroom Remix
"Mother Protect" [MP3]
"Once again, Goldroom magic that works." Buy this artist.
19_maxballoonMaximum Balloon, Alex Metric Remix
"Groove Me" [MP3]
"Add an uptempo beat to an already amazing song and create an even more danceable hit. Stay up on Theophilus London (and the remixers) for sure." Buy the original.
20_Jellybean+Benitez+jellybeanFleetwood Mac, Jellybean Remix
"Everywhere" [MP3]
"Took a while to find this, but a late night at Le Baron and Miami during Art Basel will bring out some of the finest classic rock remixes… once you get through a whole lot of weirdness." Buy the original.
21_RACTwo Door Cinema Club, RAC Remix
"Something Good Can Work" [MP3]
"Pianos and clapping sampled together somehow create something so awesome." Buy this song.
22_391558_10150445717756111_188619216110_10889713_1784606371_nYoung Empires
"Enter Through The Sun" [MP3]
"A strong upbeat drum track with a great voice and a Passion Pit feel.  Hell, someone needs to replace the band that fell off." Buy this song.
23_song-of-the-day-gotye-ft-kimbra-somebody-that-i-used-to-know-myndset-remixGotye Featuring Kimbra, Myndset Remix
"Somebody That I Used To Know" [MP3]
"Gotye might have the biggest song of today and deserved a good remix.  This ones almost there but we feel there's still another one to come..." Buy the original.
All music is for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If you would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.
Photos: Via The Magician, Goldroom, Maximum Balloon, Jellybean, RAC, Young Empires, Gotye and Kimbra

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