The Best Cooking Advice We Unexpectedly Learned From Celebrities This Year

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We turn to celebrities for the latest and greatest in films, fashion trends, and (let's be honest) dating gossip. But for food advice? Uh, I don't think so (Cher Horowitz voice)! But just because celebs and cooking aren't two concepts we'd couple together, doesn't mean that all the stars are completely devoid of culinary knowledge. In fact, if we look back at this past year, some of our favorites tips and tricks for the kitchen came from some of the most unlikely celebrity sources.
Case-in-point: Kylie Jenner taught us how to make the ultimate grilled cheese, Scandal's Scott Foley introduced us to a very odd savory breakfast combo, and Hillary Duff even let us in on a brilliant potluck-planning party secret. If those examples don't provide enough proof for your pudding, then scroll on. We have eight celeb's best cooking advice from 2017: from snacks, to leftover hacks, entertaining tips, and more. Hey, Justin Timberlake even taught us how to make something called a "Brasberry."
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Kylie Jenner

Tip 1: King Kylie's go-to morning smoothie.
Method: Blend together one banana, frozen organic strawberries and mangos, and orange juice.

Tip 2: King Kylie's go-to grilled cheese.
Method: Melt a ton of butter in a sauce pan with two pieces of sourdough bread covered in several slices of American cheese and a generous amount of salt and pepper — sandwich closed and cook until golden brown and perfectly melty.
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Nick Vial

Tip: Peanut butter toast with pickles.
Method: For an easy afternoon snack, toast up a piece of bread and cover it with peanut butter and pickle slices.
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Chrissy Teigen

Tip 1: Make coconut buns.
Method: Spread butter on regular hamburger buns and then top with unsweetened shredded coconut before popping in the oven and baking until golden brown and perfectly toasted.

Tip 2: Butter and peperoncini on an everything bagel.
Method: For strange but insanely savory snack mashup, toast an everything bagel and smother it with butter and sliced peperoncini.

Tip 3: Have a whole-cooked Branzino every night.
Method: Get your mom to live with you.
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Scott Foley

Tip: Peanut butter on scrambled eggs.
Method: For a weirdly delicious protein-packed breakfast, spread some peanut butter atop your scrambled eggs.
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Kristen Bell

Tip 1: Repurpose leftover sauces.
Method: Drain sauce from leftovers to use for extra flavor in new dishes.

Tip 2: Repurpose leftover veggies.
Method: Use leftover veggies from side dishes to spruce up new mains for remainder of week.

Tip 3: Put sherry-onions and shallots on everything.
Method: Caramelize shallots or onions in butter or ghee, add in a bit of sherry for sweetness, and then save it in the fridge for slathering on everything (from burgers to toast).
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Hillary Duff

Tip: Host a one-pot potluck.
Method: Host a potluck with a stew as the main course — then have all your guests bring a few ingredients to help cook all together for easy and fast assembly.
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Justin Timberlake

Tip: Create a "Brasberry."
Method: When eating blueberries and raspberries, use your fork to pop the blueberry inside the raspberry for secure and compact munching.
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Jessica Alba

Tip: Smoothie over ice.
Method: Rather than adding ice to a smoothie, pour the smoothie over ice to create a drink that stays chilled without becoming watered down.
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