The Best Cooking Advice We Unexpectedly Learned From Celebrities This Year

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images.
We turn to celebrities for the latest and greatest in films, fashion trends, and (let's be honest) dating gossip. But for food advice? Uh, I don't think so! But just because celebs and cooking aren't two concepts we'd couple together, doesn't mean that all the stars are completely devoid of culinary knowledge. In fact, if we look back at this past year, some of our favourite tips and tricks for the kitchen came from some of the most unlikely celebrity sources.
Case-in-point: Kylie Jenner taught us how to make the ultimate grilled cheese, Scandal's Scott Foley introduced us to a very odd savoury breakfast combo, and Kristen Bell gave us her secret ingredient she puts on everything. If those examples don't provide enough proof for your pudding, then scroll on. We have eight celebs best cooking advice from 2017: from snacks, to leftover hacks, entertaining tips, and more. Hey, Justin Timberlake even taught us how to make something called a "Brasberry."

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