Chili's Twitter Account Is Dishing Out Healthcare Advice Like Chicken Wings

Photo: Courtesy of Chilis/Brinker.
What was supposed to be a good-natured rant on human interaction turned into a viral internet sensation involving healthcare, a fast-casual restaurant chain, and a tweetstorm.
BuzzFeed reports that Colin Gray was putting in some time on Twitter when he started to rant about how people throw their frustrations into the internet ether instead of actually contacting anyone involved in the situation.
"There's this weird thing you can do, where, if you need information from someone, you can ask them instead of the internet," he started.
Gray's tweetstorm got hotter than a serving of Buffalo wings and eventually, he casually tossed in a mention to Chili's, which actually serves up Buffalo wings in its restaurants.
"You can just blindly ask Facebook...or Chilis. Sometimes @Chilis knows," Gray wrote.
Then, things got lip-smackingly good. Chili's Twitter actually responded when Gray asked a question about his medical bills and copayments. Grey, a longtime Chili's fan, seemed to delight in the one-on-one interaction. He told BuzzFeed that was very pleased to hear from the restaurant and appreciated the comment.
He wasn't the only one that came to Chili's for advice. After Gray's successful tweet, other users came to the purveyor of baby back ribs for answers to some complicated questions and for life advice. Users submitted questions about their love lives and medical bills before declaring that the restaurant chain knew more about the current state of healthcare than some politicians.
Justin Runyon, Chili's social media manager, told BuzzFeed that the restaurant's team was more than happy to take the time to help fans.
"Life's too short not to have fun with it," he explained to BuzzFeed. "As you can see, we don't take ourselves too seriously on social."
Twitter seems to agree with that sentiment, tossing out the hope for Chili's to run for office and stating the obvious: times are bleak when casual restaurants are taking on the task of answering questions about healthcare.
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