Target Is Lowering Its Grocery Prices & Our Wallets Are Ecstatic

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Here we were thinking that the ultimate battle of the season was between Westeros and the White Walkers — but as it turns out, the real fight to watch is all about discounted groceries. It started in late August after Amazon purchased Whole Foods and immediately promised to roll out major savings grocery savings. And, now, Target is throwing its bright red cart right into the shopping ring with some new price decreases of its own.
If you weren't already a Target devotee, then the news that dropped this past Friday just might convert you: on September 8, the company revealed its plan to lower "prices on thousands of items, from cereal and paper towels to baby formula, razors, bath tissue and more." Just as Amazon promised to provide shoppers with cuts on Whole Foods' best-selling products, Target's recent press release also discloses the store's strategy to "cut through the clutter and provide guests with great everyday value, while continuing to offer additional savings on the right products at the right times." The company's EVP and CMO, Mark Tritton, disclosed that the superstore has "spent months looking at our entire assortment, with a focus on offering the right price every day and simplifying our marketing to make great, low prices, easy to spot, all while maintaining sales we know are meaningful to guests."
This inventory reassessment not only promises to provide discounts on the "right" items, but also to make the sale process more efficient in general — with the elimination of superfluous sale flyers and, as the press release states, clearer emphasis on only the "best, most compelling sales — when it makes the most sense." So far there's no word yet on exactly which specific products will get marked down, but we're excited to see how the changes positively impact our receipts. All we know is when grocery stores are battling for the lowest prices, it can only mean good things for our wallets.
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