We Ate Baby Food With Patrick Starrr — & It Was A Little Weird

R29 staffer Lucie Fink is certainly no stranger to eating weird stuff at 2017's VidCon. Case-in- point? Catch her acing the What's In My Mouth challenge with YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa here. But when barrier-breaking make-up artist Patrick Starr dropped by for a round of the Baby Food Taste Test, their competition somehow turned into a mesmerizingly strange, and oddly hunger-inducing, spectacle. Check out the video below — don't they make you a little nostalgic for smashed bananas?
Obviously, these two are baby food flavor savants. And when he's not tipping spoonfuls of sweet potato mush into unsuspecting video producers' mouthes, Patrick Starr has kept pretty busy as the creator of viral beauty tutorials that have basically broken the Internet. His YouTube channel boasts over 2.5 million followers—not to mention those low-key glam sessions he's hosted with mega beauty icons like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. For now, we're working on copying his flawless lip look—you know, the one that holds up even after all those bites of green bean baby food.

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