Eminem Just Debuted His Most Dramatic Hairstyle Since 1999

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
There are a few things I’m sure of in this life, and one of them is this: Marshall Mathers (a.k.a. Eminem) is meant to be a blonde. After all, it's his iconic platinum hair during the peak of his stardom that has kept him recognizable for nearly two decades. In fact, the Detroit native is known for his bleached hair almost as much as his white T-shirts or signature middle finger pose. But after 20 years, it looks like Eminem is finally ready for a change — and I am not okay.
Just last week, photos began circulating on Twitter of the rapper with brown hair and a beard. That's right: The man who went clean-shaven for what feels like an eternity can also look pretty badass with some facial scruff, though fans aren't quite some how to feel.
While fans' opinions are divided, it looks the rapper's former band, D12, also had to poke fun at the change.
This isn't the first time Mathers went back to his roots. He was brunette in 2009 for a short period of time and had an on-and-off relationship with peroxide for years. But this is certainly the most dramatic — and public — look we've seen on the star. Looks like we'll have to start referring to the rapper as Marshall from now on, because calling him "Eminem" just doesn't fit anymore.
Here's hoping that the real Slim Shady gets his hand on a razor before his next album drops.
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