Ketchup Chips Could Be Making Their Way Stateside

Anyone with a hankering for Heinz-flavored chips is in luck. Previously, any Americans looking for ketchup potato snacks had to trek across the states' northern border — or have a generous hookup that would ship 'em across. But Food & Wine reports that the snack may be making its way stateside.
Sweets and snack blog Candy Hunting recently spotted ketchup-flavored Pringles at CVS. The site adds that the fun flavor was previously available only in Canada and Europe. The fact that they're in stock at one of America's biggest drugstores means that soon, the delectable chips could be available from sea to shining sea.
The flavor is still flying under the radar, however; it's not listed on Pringles' official site. Yet. And there's no word on whether the ketchup flavor will be a permanent addition to the brand's lineup or a limited-edition release.
Nevertheless, Pringles' ketchup flavor is a big step towards chip equality. In Canada, there are several brands that offer a ketchup option, including Herr's, Lay's, and Ruffles. While it'll probably be a long time before American stores get an entire buffet of ketchup chips, this is a sign that picky palettes may be getting something new.
For anyone unfamiliar with the cult-fave ketchup flavor, it's not like squirting a packet of the red stuff on your potato chip. The reddish chips are generally just a mix of tomato flavoring and a hint of vinegar. It's definitely a subtle homage to our go-to hot dog topping, but it's one that's beloved by snack addicts on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border.
Could this chip equity open the gates to more food freedom? Will poutine make it big in the U.S.? Will super-caffeinated Canadian Mountain Dew offer its jolt to American customers? Let's cross our fingers and keep writing those love letters to Trudeau.

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