Do Any Singers Know How To Dance Anymore? A Ranking

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
I'm going to pose an age-old question: Are pop stars just vocalists, or are they performers? Well, it depends. Some stars rely on pure entertainment value — Britney Spears, we're looking at you. Others opt for a plain park and bark. These entertainers stand on the stage and sing. (Adele, we're looking at you.) It seems, though, that pop stars are less dance-focused than they used to be. Once upon a time, Destiny's Child, *NSYNC, and TLC rocked the synchronized movements. These days, it's SelGo, The Weeknd, and Katy Perry, who excel at, well, standing and singing, which is totally — to borrow a phrase from Lady Britney — their prerogative.
Of course, as with all things, there's a spectrum. On one end of the pop-star skills spectrum, you've got Beyoncé. There is no one who can wield her starpower like Lady Bey. Then, on the other end, you've got Cher, who has a preference for the stationary performance. Ahead, we've ranked the world's biggest pop stars in order of dancing ability. The rankings are utterly subjective and based on my personal opinion.There are singers, and then there are performers. We'll start at the lowest-ranked — those that just sing — and move into those that can really cut a rug.

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