People Were Not Pleased With This Twitter Change

Over the past few months, Twitter has introduced a number of new safety tools and app tweaks to combat abusive behavior. Last week, the social media platform announced a few additions, including "safe search," and noted that it would "continue to roll out product changes," and update users "every step of the way."

Yesterday, it did just that, tweeting about a seemingly innocent alteration:
But responses to the tweet came fast and furious, with some users pointing out that this seemed like the opposite of a safety tool.
Any user can create a list on Twitter, that they can add other accounts to and label accordingly. While some of these lists are innocent enough — for example, someone might create a list of chefs they like following — there is the potential for lists with negative connotations. If you were put on one of those lists, you'd probably want to know about it.

Even with the proposed change, you would still be able to check which lists you are on by going to your Lists tab and clicking on "member of." But without notifications, you'd have to remember to do so on a regular basis.

You can take yourself off of a list, but only by blocking the list's creator.
Luckily, these responses were swiftly answered. A mere three hours after its first tweet, Twitter Safety sent another, recalling the change.
The "if you see something, say something" logic behind many safety campaigns applies to life online, too. If a change that you don't like is proposed or enacted, comment, call, or email. The more people that speak up, the higher your chances are of being heard. In this case, props to Twitter for acknowledging the error and taking swift action.

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