Malia Obama Interning On Girls Was A Super Secret Operation, According To Andrew Rannells

Wherever a daughter of the president goes, the secret service shall follow — but you may not even realize they're there.

Andrew Rannells sat down with Watch What Happens Live! to talk about working with the eldest Obama daughter when she was an intern on Girls in 2015.

Obama was the intern of one of the HBO series' writers, so no, she wasn't getting Rannells yogurt, but yes, she was great. As were the men there to protect her.

"Actually, I have to say that secret service was so stealth that it took awhile to figure out like where she was at any time," Rannells explained. "They really did blend in very sort of seamlessly."
Despite being the daughter of then President Barack Obama she managed to not "disrupt" the set at all, according to Rannells. She was also "super cool and nice" — As if we had any doubt.

She was so cool, in fact, that New York Magazine reported the eldest Obama daughter was a guest at the HBO party to celebrate Girls' final season, which premieres Feb. 12.

Rannells isn't the only one singing Obama's praises, recently Miley Cyrus tweeted the ex-POTUS' daughter should run for president after it was reported she was at a Dakota Access Pipeline protest at Sundance.

Chance The Rapper also thanked the whole Obama family as a model for the streetwear brand Don't Be Mad. One of the shirts just says "Malia." Quite a tribute.

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