You Need To See Ashley Tisdale's Sultry "Toxic" Cover

Ashely Tisdale has come a long way since High School Musical. She and husband Christopher French teamed to do this great, stripped-down cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic."

There's a pervasive cliche when an acoustic cover of a popular song comes out. "Wow," people will say. "I had no idea this hugely popular song was also good." Well, of course the songs are good. That's part of the reason why they're popular. Like, "Wonderwall" was, at one point, an excellent song. Now, it's dogshit, but through no fault of its own. So it's no surprise that Ashley Tisdale's cover of Spears' hit is good. The song is good, so the cover is good.

Of course, it doesn't compare to the original. But it isn't meant to. It's its own thing.

Listen below.

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