A Dog FaceTimed His Humans & We're Crying

Photo: Edison Fontanilla/Twitter
I'll pretty much take dogs over people any day of the week, and viral dog stories reinforce this already excellent decision. The latest, as uncovered by Buzzfeed, involves an iPhone, a fluffy white dog, and a heaping of puppy love.

Buzzfeed News uncovered a series of tweets from 20-year-old Edison Fontanilla, who is the proud puppy parent of one-year-old Samoyed puppy Kygo. When Fontanilla and his family went on vacation, they left their white fluffball behind. After nearly three weeks had passed, Fontanilla's family decided to try and bridge the gap β€” by FaceTiming with their beloved pooch.

The result? One seriously confused β€” and then absolutely elated β€” pupper.
The photos now boast over 25,000 retweets and 42,000 likes, because, uh, who wouldn't be obsessed with a smiling Kygo?

It's clear from Fontanilla's tweets that these two are awesome pals.
Time to go hug a dog. We are not worthy of their endless affection.

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