Christmas Has Come Early: Red Velvet Kit Kats Are Here

Photo: Courtesy of Nestlé.
The first few weeks of December are rough on many of us. If you've been busting it to get everything settled before your holiday break, you deserve a little treat. Guess what? Kit Kat has come out with just the thing.

Trick your taste buds into thinking the holidays are already here with a bite of the brand-new Red Velvet Kit Kat miniatures. Candy Warehouse says, "Now you can experience this classic cake as a tiny Kit Kat candy bar." Getting a taste of delicious red velvet without having to bake or buy a whole cake? It's a Christmas miracle.

Technically, the little candy bars were created for Valentine's Day and released extra early. However, we're excited to adopt the new flavor as a holiday-season treat, instead. I mean, with a flavor this delicious, we sure can't be expected to wait until February to enjoy it, right?

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