This Man Is Using His Resemblance To Mike Pence In The Best Way Possible

Actor and graphic designer Glen Pannell looks uncannily like Mike Pence, but don't let that fool you. Instead of trying to promote conversion therapy or outlaw same-sex marriage, he's been raising money for organizations like the Natural Resources Defense Council and Planned Parenthood.

Over the past week, he has strolled around Manhattan asking passersby for donations. He raised nearly $900 for The Trevor Project over the weekend.

But what makes this all truly excellent is that he's wearing short shorts with a jacket and tie the whole time. He calls it his "Hot-Pence costume," and it originated on Halloween, he told Howard Sherman.

If you can't catch him at Times Square, "Mike Hot-Pence" can be found on Twitter, "raising awareness and raising money for causes important to Mike Hot-Pence."
This approach definitely puts a more positive spin on someone who concerns many members of the LGBT community. "Isn’t it nice to imagine a bizarre through-the-looking-glass alternate reality where there’s a Mike Pence who champions women’s health and LGBTQ rights and the environment?" Pannell told The Huffington Post. "Well that’s me!"
Pannell is also hoping this alternative version of Pence challenges him and his supporters. If he could meet him, he told People, "I’d tell him, 'If you could walk a mile in my short shorts, you would meet so many people who are afraid and unsure about the next four years because they see rising hate speech in the last four weeks. You say you love this country, you say you have great faith in the American people. If that’s true, I’d say put your policy where your mouth is.'"

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