Netflix Is Developing 20 Unscripted Shows — Here’s What They Should Make

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Netflix is setting #NewYearNewMe goals that aren’t going to make us roll our eyes. Following the massive success of their original programming like The Crown, Orange Is The New Black, and Stranger Things the online streaming platform is ready to venture into reality TV.

According to the Hollywood Reporter
, the entertainment giant is committing a whopping $6 billion to new programming in 2017. They are producing more than 1,000 hours of contact (that’s more content than all episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians combined) and 20 unscripted shows next year.

With this much money and so many opportunities, the possibilities are truly endless. Netflix is clearly prepared to win TV. But if the company is struggling for ideas, we might be able to help. Here are a few of our suggestions for some good ol’ reality TV.

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Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian’s Wedding Special
We already know E! surely has this one on lock. But with Netflix’s $6 billion budget they’re well positioned to outbid the network if they really wanted. The production would probably be much better than Rob & Chyna.
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Revive Larry Wilmore's late night show
Larry Wilmore may have bounced back from Comedy Central’s cancellation of “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore.” But we still want his voice added to the super-white lineup of late night TV.
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A reality show for Amber Rose
I think Amber Rose made an intentional decision to stay away from reality TV mainly because it’s the cliched next step for former strippers and celebrity girlfriends. But we all know Rose is so much more than that. She’s a hardworking woman, who perfectly balances being fabulous and advocating for women’s issues. How about a “Making Slut Walk” series?!
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Drake music special
I’m thinking this could be Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids meets Mariah’s World… except for well, with Drake. Bonus points if we can get clips of him trying to get Rihanna to text back and an inside look at his bathroom, that seems important.
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Dating RiRi
Rihanna is the Bachelorette we’ve been waiting for. Her dating life is the stuff of legend. But let’s be real, it would also be TV gold if we could cast Rihanna as the "Bachelorette" with a bunch of off-season athletes and actors as contestants.
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Taylor Swift Presents: Making the Squad
Taylor is nothing without her squad. But how they all come together and rotate in and out is still a bit of a mystery. Let's see the process play out on Netflix, Making the Band style.

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