Nat Geo Wild's Savage Kingdom Is Your New Favorite Political Drama

Photo: National Geographic Channels/Brad Bestelink
I love animals. It's a trait that was passed down from my grandfather to my mother to me. I don’t mean "scroll through every funny cat gallery" love. I mean "ate a weed brownie and watched all of Planet Earth" love. (I regret nothing.) But as a TV writer, I also love high drama and an interesting story. Thankfully, Nat Geo Wild has found a way to merge my two interests in a new series, Savage Kingdom.

The show is true to the network's nature-focused roots: It captures footage of animals in the safari of Savute, Africa. But the miniseries has been edited and narrated to provide viewers with a more interesting take, one that is complete with love triangles, betrayal, murder, and strategic moves for power. Savage Kingdom is a political drama that could give Scandal a run for its money. It’s basically the more serious and deadly version of Meerkat Manor that I’ve been waiting for.

Tonight’s upcoming episode, “Army of Darkness,” is serving some serious Game of Thrones vibes. A pack of hyenas, led by their queen, are looking to overcome their station as underdogs (no pun intended) in the shadows of the powerful Marsh Pride lions. Sounds a lot like Khaleesi’s quest to overtake the Lannister throne. But these lions don’t always pay their debts. The adult lions of the Marsh Pride have exiled the Northern Pride, destroying their family. Now the lionesses of the once-great pride are left to pick up the pieces. Sand Snakes of Dorne, is that you?
I hate to see women pitted against one another as much as the next feminist, but this is bound to be good. My grandaddy would have loved this. Savage Kingdom airs tonight at 9 p.m.

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