The 15 Most Popular Bakeries Of 2016, According To Instagram

Photographed by Maria DelRio.
What's almost as good as eating a real pastry? Scrolling through food porn photos of pastries on Instagram. The shots might make our stomachs grumble as a result, but our searches often lead to new culinary hotspots to try.

After all, other than cute animal pics, our favorite thing to Instagram is dessert. And we're definitely not the only ones. Today, Instagram shared its annual list of the year's top 'grammed bakeries in the country. The list of 15 sweet shops features some iconic classics as well as a few newcomers. Some were on last year's list, while changing trends bumped a few of 2015's big names off the list entirely.
Click through to see how many of the nation's most-socialed bakeries you've visited. Maybe you've even instagrammed them yourself!
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Photo: via @maizarsadias.
15. Randy's Donuts, Inglewood, CA
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14. Five Daughters Bakery (12 South), Nashville, TN
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Photo: via @thereshecooks.
13. Tartine Bakery, San Francisco, CA
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Photo: Via @The96815.
12. Leonard’s Bakery, Honolulu, HI
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11. Extraordinary Desserts, San Diego, CA
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Photo: via @joscoffee.
10. Jo's Hot Coffee Good Food (aka Jo's), Austin, TX
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Photo: via @spotdessertbar.
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Photo: via @donutbar.
8. Donut Bar, San Diego, CA
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Photo: via @feedyoursoull.
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Photo: via @carlosbakery.
6. Carlo's Bakery, Hoboken, NJ
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Photo: Via @Foodiesday.
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Photo: via @laselmastyle.
4. Georgetown Cupcake, Washington, D.C.
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Photo: via @ihsagram.
3. California Donuts, Los Angeles, CA
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Photo: via @b_morgan18.
2. Voodoo Doughnut, Austin, TX
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Photo: via @parkjudypark.
1. Café du Monde, New Orleans, LA

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