29 Downloads That Will Make Your Holidays Much Merrier

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Thanksgiving is over, meaning that we are now in the midst of full-on holiday mode. Lighting displays are going up, trees are being bought, and, in case you weren't already aware, it's time to start streaming Home Alone again.

If all of this has you feeling more overwhelmed than it does full of holiday spirit, you aren't alone. But for every brand of holiday headache — long shopping lists, work stresses, or party overloadthere's an app that can assist. Let your phone be a source of comfort in these hectic times. Are you looking to de-stress? Or, could you use a hand with your holiday gift budget?These apps have you covered.

Ahead, everything you need to download to ensure you'll have a stress-free holiday season.
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Photo: Camera+.

Perfect your holiday photos with the editing app Camera+. In addition to the basics — sharpen, blur, and brighten — there are useful preset modes, including this one for food.
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Photo: Christmas List.
Christmas List

The ultimate holiday accessory, Christmas List keeps track of who you need to buy for, what you're buying, and how much you've allotted toward gifts at all.
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Photo: DogVacay.

Can't take your pup with you while you travel for New Year's festivities? Find a sitter you trust through DogVacay.
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Photo: Substitutions.

If you're cooking for family, Substitutions is here to help. The app provides easy solutions for any type of allergy or preference. This is for your cousin who's allergic to nuts, or the in-law who recently went vegan.
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Photo: TheRock Clock.
The Rock Clock

The newly minted Sexiest Man Alive, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has his own alarm clock. Why do you need it? Because it doesn't have a "snooze" feature. Plus, you'll wake up every morning to a special message from The Rock himself. That's the kind of motivation you'll need to get out of bed on a cold winter morning.
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Photo: Waze.

If you aren't using Waze yet, it's time to start. The app will make traveling by car for the holidays so much better. It provides instant traffic updates along your route, as well as notifications written by users (i.e., "traffic cop at turn ahead") to help you avoid insane backups and stay on schedule.
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Photo: Today Tix.
Today Tix

For NYC residents, Today Tix is the ultimate app to break out when family comes to town. It sells same-day tickets to theater events throughout the city for a discounted price. So, if your parents make an impromptu visit before Christmas, you can take them to see The Rockettes for half the price. We should warn you, though: Today Tix can't get you coveted tickets to Hamilton.
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Photo: Instacart.

We've all been there: You're knee-deep in assembling an apple pie when you realize you forgot to get cinnamon at the store. That's where Instacart comes in. The service will deliver groceries in under an hour. Take any of your last-minute food needs here.
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Photo: Mint.

The holidays are the No. 1 time of year when you need to watch your budget. You can blow a hole in your paycheck with just a couple bottles of bubbly. With Mint, you can set limits on certain spending habits, and save a portion of money just for gifts. The app will alert you when you've overextended a budget, so you won't blow all your savings on Christmas decorations.
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Photo: Wunderlist.

Get to the bottom of your holiday to-do lists with Wunderlist, which will keep track of every list, be it grocery, to-do, or wish!
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Photo: Nike+ Training.
Nike+ Training

We're big advocates on taking the holidays to hibernate and take it easy when it comes to workouts. That being said, if you are interested in some exercise in the dead of winter, Nike+ Training is a must-have. The app has an impressive selection of workouts, tailored for your every need. Looking to de-stress? Go for a 15-minute mobility circuit. Have to blow off some steam? A 45-minute endurance challenge will do the trick.

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Photo: Urban Daddy.
Urban Daddy

The holiday season tends to involve entertaining guests in your hometown. Whether it's your in-laws or your best friend from college, Urban Daddy will tell you where to go. Simply put in your location, the time of day, and what you want, and the app will make a decision for you.
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Photo: Felt.

Felt is the app that will help you finally carry out your intention to send handwritten holiday cards. Pick a design, then use a stylus (or your finger) to write your message, and enter the addresses of your recipients. The team at Felt prints then mails your cards within 24 hours.
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Photo: Headspace.

Just 10 minutes of meditation a day can help you stay cool and collected while trying to finish holiday shopping, cooking, and end-of-year-work. Headspace helps you make those 10 minutes your most soothing and effective ones yet.
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Photo: Moldiv.

Photo editing tools aside, we love to use this app when creating many variations of holiday photo collages.
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Photo: Alarmy.
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

If The Rock's alarm clock doesn't do the trick, Alarmy will. The handy app has tricks up its sleeve to make sure you stay awake. You can program your alarm to force you to solve a math problem every morning if you like. On top of that, Alarmy provides a panel that gives the weather and the day's top stories so you know what's happening before you even leave your bed.
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Photo: Howl.

You're going to need a few podcasts for all that holiday travel. The Howl app provides a whole host of content to keep you occupied and entertained. For a laugh, listen to WTF with Marc Maron.
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Photo: Sago Mini Holiday Trucks and Diggers.
Sago Mini Holiday Trucks and Diggers

Occupy your little cousin with an addictive, holiday-themed truck game. Or, play yourself — no judgment here.
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Photo: PackPoint.

PackPoint takes the decision-making out of packing. Give it the details of your trip, and it will give you a tidy packing list to work from as you prepare to travel.
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Photo: Circle Pong.
Circle Pong

Finally, a mindless game that isn't Candy Crush — no offense, of course, to Candy Crush Saga, which helped us through many long lines at the DMV. Circle Pong is simple, with a clean interface for mindless gaming to distract you when you need something to take your mind off the holidays.
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Photo: Head's Up.
Head's Up

For a more family-friendly game, download Head's Up. The app brings charades to your phone and is a perfect post-Hanukkah dinner activity.
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Photo: Lush Cocktails.
Lush Cocktails

Trick your friends into thinking you've developed rad bartending skills by using the Lush app, which provides hundreds of drink recipes for your sipping pleasure.
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Photo: Drizly.

Spirits are heavy to carry, so have them — plus the ice, cups, and other party accessories — delivered straight to your door with Drizly.
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Photo: TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit can help you knock any number of holiday-related chores off your list. This includes, but is not limited to: cleaning the apartment before friends come over, doing the dishes, and bussing the table after a holiday meal.
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Photo: DryBar.

Take 45 minutes to treat yourself. For those who love a good blowout, book an appointment at DryBar, a "bar" that gives the best sort of gift: a good hair day.
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Photo: Coloring Book.
Coloring Book

This app is a must when you're stuck at a train station, and you forgot your relaxing coloring books — don't you hate it when that happens?
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Photo: Space Team.

Spaceteam is a game meant for groups. All players must download the app, but it's worth it. The futuristic game will have you shouting and laughing — and momentarily oblivious to the stress of the holidays.
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Really Bad Chess

Perhaps you've always wanted to play chess, but you felt intimidated — or maybe that's just me. Regardless, Really Bad Chess is an easier version of chess for people who love the game, but hate to lose.
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Photo: Touchnote.

Thank-you cards can take forever, but you can speed up the process and still make your cards personal with Touchtone. Just pick a photo and write your message, and you can send your thank you as a postcard or greeting card.
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