Everyone Thinks The Walking Dead Featured A Donald Trump Walker

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC.
There's a UUGGEEEE theory making its way across the web about The Walking Dead and Donald Trump. While watching Sunday night's new The Walking Dead episode, fans noticed a familiar male figure in the crowd of bloody walkers.

And Reddit thinks it was a walker meant to resemble Trump. This reddit thread started the speculation, and many watchers agree that the asphalt-ridden walker looks just like the Donald. If it is him, then we already know what his slogan would be: Make Walkers Great Again!

But let's take a look, and see what qualities could possibly have led people to come to that conclusion.

First there's the red hair (although someone pointed out that the walker has too much "real hair").

Then there's the similar build.
In the end, it's hard to tell. But if it's true then it's a pretty hilarious shout-out to a guy that a lot of people find more reprehensible than even Negan.

In fact, some people would rather live in a world full of Negans than Trumps.
Who knew TWD would hit so close to home on the final hours of the election cycle?

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