10 Times We've Seen A Kick-Ass Female President In TV & Movies

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We're just days away from an election that could potentially (Hopefully!) bring the United States its first female president. If it does happen, this wouldn't be the first time we've seen a Madame President. In fact, pop culture has long been more progressive than our actual real-life country. In everything from sitcoms to action movies, the role of the leader of the free world has been filled by women for years. And in these fictional situations, there wasn't much fuss about the person being a woman. See, America?! It's not so hard!

Here's a roundup of the times television and film beat our country to the punch. Kudos to these nasty women for being way ahead of their time. And fingers crossed that fiction will become reality on November 8!
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus As President Selina Meyer In Veep
Selina started out as the obnoxious, self-absorbed vice president before she landed in the Oval Office. She ended up running for president again, but last season's finale cliffhanger led us to believe she might have been dethroned — by fellow woman, Sen. Laura Montez. While we do feel bad for Selina, we're not mad at HBO for sticking with the woman-as-president premise.
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Alfre Woodard As President Roberta Payton In State Of Affairs
A female president who's also Black? Here. For. It. Per usual, Alfre Woodard killed it in her role, this time as a president who worked closely with a CIA analyst, played by Katherine Heigl, who just so happened to be engaged to her now-deceased son. Messy. The show was canceled after one season, but props to Woodard for showing us what a Black woman president might look like.
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Joan Rivers As President Rivers In Les Patterson Saves The World
Long before the Fashion Police, Rivers played a small, but memorable, part as the president in this 1987 Australian comedy about a Sir and a Dame trying prevent the world from an impending terror attack. If only Joan were still around to give us her outspoken opinions on Hillary Clinton's pantsuits.
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Lynda Carter As President Olivia Marsdin In Supergirl
Supergirl is unabashedly pro-woman — and not just because of its title character. In a recent season 2 episode, Cara, a.k.a. Supergirl, is on hand when an alien makes attempt on the life of the president — who happens to be a woman. Of course, Supergirl saves the day. Let's get her on HRC's security detail, stat.
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Sharon Stone As Acting President Natalie Maccabee In Agent X
We would vote for Sharon Stone as president in real life. But for now, we'll have to settle for her temporary time as the acting president in Agent X, a role her vice president character, Natalie, temporarily and unexpectedly found herself in on the show. But hey, you never know: Sharon Stone 2020?!
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Kate Burton As Acting President Sally Langston In Scandal
Okay, so there was not one thang (that's a Langston-esque Southern emphasis on thing) that we liked about the evil and conniving Sally Langston, especially when she tried to sneak her way into the Oval Office while President Fitzgerald was in the hospital fighting for his life. Still, we'll take any opportunity to celebrate a woman in the White House — for however short a period.
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Cherry Jones As President Allison Taylor In 24
On the fast-paced show, Taylor was a senator who became the country's first-ever woman president (way back in 2001). But it wasn't easy: By the end of her term, she'd lost familiar members, negotiated with terrorists, and way worse, eventually leading to [spoiler alert!] her resignation. But, of course, she was a badass until the very end.
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Sela Ward As President Elizabeth Lanford In Independence Day: Resurgence
Whether or not Independence Day should've gotten a sequel 20 years later is debatable. What's not debatable is how perfect Sela Ward was as a female president in the follow-up. Ward was super on-point in the role that we did a little research and discovered that she studied footage of Hillary Clinton to prepare. That explains it.
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Geena Davis As Mackenzie Allen In Commander In Chief
It's like Geena Davis was born for this! She was eerily regal and patriotic in the show's title role. While Commander in Chief ended in 2006, Davis's quick-witted, take-no-shit portrayal of a president has stayed with us since. Perhaps there's a spot open for Geena in the upcoming real-life White House?
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Patty Duke As President Julia Mansfield In Hail To The Chief
All the way back in the 1980s (!), this ABC sitcom centered on a female president perfectly played by Patty Duke, who struggled with balancing her family life with her big-time career, ya know, being in charge of the entire country. And that's not where the show's progressiveness ends: There was also a gay Secret Service agent, one of the first recurring LGBT characters on TV. Hail to Hail to the Chief for being way ahead of its time.

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