Your November Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Passion! Drama! Intrigue! November is officially Scorpio season — a time of thrilling intensity and seriously seductive vibes. Relationships may get complicated, but they can't go undefined. It's all-in or bye! With the countdown to Election Day underway, there could be more nail-biting drama, unsettling scandals, and low-blow drags to be revealed. Well, at least things won't be boring. And for those who are still not quite woke, November 8 could bring the jolt when motivator Mars heads into progressive, humanitarian Aquarius until December 19. This community-spirited cycle calls for us to come together, rise above, and reconnect. And after this polarizing presidential reality show, we could certainly use that.

On the 14th, the full moon in Taurus restores more order to our collective court. Sprinkle more practical magic into the recipe for success — basic doesn't have to be boring! On the 19th, soulful, imaginative Neptune wakes up from a five-month nap and sets our divinely inspired dreams into motion.

Travel time kicks into gear on the 21st, when the sun blazes on to worldly, adventurous Sagittarius. Pull out both suitcase and passport, because intrepid journeys could lead us through the foreign customs lines. The Sagittarius new moon on the 29th will also point our compasses toward distant shores. With the moon in "the more, the merrier" Aquarius on Thanksgiving, our guest lists could swell. Put a leaf in the table and make it a potluck thing.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
October 23 to November 21
Happy birthday to you! Scorpio season is in full swing as the sun blazes through your sign until the 21st. Shake off any heavy vibes from your past year of life. A new era is dawning — one that requires you to stop dwelling and start finding savvier solutions. Once you start looking around, you'll realize that you have plenty of options. Research, google, and interview successful and happy friends: Your aha moment could arrive before the 8th. And with charming Venus increasing your popularity after the 11th, you'll find lots of people who want to play along and partner up with you. Hang on to your independence, but remember that no one makes it to the top alone.

Glamnesia alert! Hypnotic Neptune could put you in a retail-therapy trance this month. Don't even think about whipping out your credit cards before you've made a budget...yes, even with those Black Friday sales. With the figures spelled out, you'll be free to treat yourself, sans guilt. Neptune's dazzling tour of your passionate fifth house could bring some romantic highs this month, but also some illusions. Thankfully, the full moon on the 14th helps you properly categorize the object(s) of your affection. Keep 'em or bench 'em? These commitment-oriented moonbeams could make a partnership even more exclusive — even if you do have to compromise a little. Know your bottom line, Scorpio.

Everything settles down after the 21st, when the sun exits Scorpio and plants in Sagittarius and your second house of practical magic. Your traditional side comes to the fore, so gather with your nearest and dearest for the Thanksgiving feast...even if your idea of "traditional" is Chinese food and a 9 p.m. movie. Money starts flowing in, too, so keep your nose to the grindstone and you could wrap the year with a big bonus. The new moon on the 29th could even land you an exciting job offer or game-changing project.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
November 22 to December 21
Pass the olive branch and praise the yoga mat. November is all about letting go — and going with the flow. With the Scorpio sun drifting through your 12th house of completions, you want to tie up loose ends before the 21st. Make amends with loved ones before gathering for Thanksgiving. If that's impossible, well, there's the excuse you need to book that end-of-month beach vacation. This is the sleepiest time of year for you, Sagittarius, so make time to recharge before your birthday season begins on the 21st. Rest up and dive into a Konmari cleanup mission (Read: if it doesn't "spark joy," get rid of it!) to lighten the energy in your home. With Neptune and the moon's north node (destiny point) drifting through your domestic sector, you might even move to a new place towards the month's end — or get that process in motion. Detoxifying your body can also do wonders. Chug the H2O and even consider kicking your caffeine habit (or seriously reducing it).

While you may feel a bit solitary throughout the month, forget about disappearing into hibernation mode. Glamorous, amorous Venus is twirling through your sign until the 11th, luring you onto the party circuit. Dancing could become your fall-winter obsession, whether you're mastering a few Beyoncé-inspired moves in a class or hitting the clubs. (Just schedule a pre-funk disco nap!) And when Sagittarius season begins on the 21st, you'll be back in your wild-child element. Make your happiness a priority again, even if that means backing away from certain people and activities that are no longer giving you life. And map out your resolutions: your astrological New Year begins on the 29th, with the annual new moon in Sagittarius. Invest in your own dreams and personal growth. Maybe it's time to book that retreat in Bali, sign up for teacher training, or start working with a career coach who can bring your entrepreneurial dreams into form.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
December 22 to January 19
How woke are you, Capricorn? It's not just the looming election: Until November 21, the Scorpio sun is rousing your activist nature. Get candid about the candidates, the issues, and other changes you'd like to see in your own community. Your thoughtful posts could go viral this month. The spirit of collaboration also takes hold. Cast your dream team and work collectively: There is strength in numbers. Online connections bring a high click-through rate. Jump into virtual communities if you can’t find likeminded souls IRL. This is an ideal month for kicking off a web venture, blog, or YouTube channel, too. Give all your social media profiles a once-over to ensure that you’re properly representing.

Ambitious career goals will top your agenda, too. Until the 8th, make-it-happen Mars rounds out a six-week tour through Capricorn — one that can elevate your professional profile significantly or point you down an exciting new path! Keep on hustling: When Mars moves into Aquarius on the 8th, money could finally start flowing in as a result of your efforts. Be proactive! Hit seasonal celebrations with business cards in tow, because you could be talking shop at the bar. Ask your boss for a performance review — and arrive with all your accomplishments cataloged in a presentation so you can show and prove.

If you're wiping away tears over a love situation early this month, fear not. Cupid's got a quiver full of arrows marked "Capricorn," which will begin zinging your way after the 11th when amorous Venus parks in your sign. Whether you're hugging it out with your S.O. or activating your Hinge account, a fresh start awaits. The full moon on the 14th could also bring a major milestone for love — one worth posting about on Instagram. Life takes on a fairy-tale quality after the 21st, when the sun slips into Sagittarius and your 12th house of transitions. Rock the rose-colored glasses and enjoy sweet, romantic escapes. But cast yourself as Sleeping Beauty regularly: This monthlong cycle can be a bit low-energy. Don't ignore your body's screaming signals when it's time for some R & R.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
January 20 to February 18
Bring on the power lunches, conference calls, and contract negotiations! You're ambitious AF this November — Aquarius, FTW! Until the 21st, the Scorpio sun is radiating heat through your 10th house of achievement. An elite opportunity could land in your lap or you could create a game-changing assignment for yourself and leave everyone with minds blown. But wait, there's more: make-it-happen Mars launches into Aquarius from November 8 until December 19, a powerful booster pack that only comes every other year. Focus like a falcon on your goals for personal advancement. It's not selfish if you share your victories with the ones you love. One caveat: Mars is a fierce contender. Don't let your competitive spirit take you into cutthroat terrain.

When money is changing hands this month, make sure there's a clear agreement about what it's covering. Hazy Neptune and the moon's north node (the karmic "destiny point") are working in tandem, which can bring a bit of vagueness to your dealings. Draft a contract or at least leave an email trail that spells out the terms of your agreements. If you're not getting paid what you're worth, invest in an upgrade to your presentation. A few more blazers along with the athleisure couldn't hurt — and make sure your social media posts sing with sophistication.

The full moon on the 14th brings a dose of warm-fuzzy vibes to accompany all the ambition. And when the sun slips into Sagittarius on the 21st, you'll feel more like your social-butterfly self again. Thanksgiving plans could even expand to include a few "orphans" who aren't able to visit their families. You might even host a dinner the Saturday after Thanksgiving, just to raise a toast to your amazing squad. Not feeling in sync with your old pals? You could find your "high-vibes tribe" near the new moon on the 29th. Love could even emerge from the friend zone this month — or a dating app. But if it's time to move on, you'll have the courage to make the break, especially after the 11th.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
February 19 to March 20
Choose your own adventure, Pisces! With the Scorpio sun sailing through your ninth house of travel, truth, and higher learning, you are ready to expand. No need to wait until Thanksgiving to slip off to San Fran...or Santorini. A change of scenery revives you before the 21st — and puts you in a proper headspace to deal with those complicated family dynamics. Can't skip town? Travel in the figurative sense by exploring new hangouts and connecting to different crowds of people: the more multi-culti, the better. Self-discovery is a fascinating journey, too, so if a weekend workshop is calling your name, take the plunge (and maybe bring your yoga mat) — especially after Mars drifts into your house of healing on the 8th. You have nothing to lose, except your ego.

Neptune, your ruling planet, wakes up from the five-month nap on the 19th, which will also put you back in your element. After a few wrong turns and "learning experiences" you've clarified what is actually right for you. Stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You may part ways amicably from a job, friendship, or another collaboration during the full moon on the 14th. Neptune's U-turn makes you eager to try on new identities and even bring more glamour to your wardrobe choices. All the world is your costume party, Pisces.

Career goals come back into your crosshairs after the 21st, when the sun moves on to Sagittarius and your ambitious 10th house for a month. While everyone's out decking the halls, you could be burning the midnight oil. But don't forget: Having a solid network is a smart strategy for getting ahead. Slip on the party clothes, stock your clutch with business cards and go, uh, network. The new moon on the 29th could bring a challenging, but ultimately game-changing assignment your way. Take it on!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
March 21 to April 19
Keep it on the down-low, Aries. From the boardroom to the bedroom, you're making moves behind closed doors this November. Until the 21st, the sun simmers in seductive, selective Scorpio making you magnetically attractive. Be careful what — and who — you wish for, because this energy is all about playing for keeps. Turn that charm and focus towards your career until the 8th while your ruler, make-it-happen Mars, pulses through your house of professional prestige. Pitch ideas, set up power lunches, and make it your mission to wow the power players. You could land a new position, get a raise, or boast an amazing feather in your cap by the full moon on the 14th.

Romantically, it will be easier to "settle down" after the 11th, when amorous Venus lands in your goal zone. And while the sun simmers in Scorpio until the 21st, plan on staying in more often, whether you’re entertaining a special guest star or nesting with your long-term amour. Coupled Aries will feel a push to make relationships more permanent — there could be a holiday engagement in the cards or a Thanksgiving trip to meet the parents. Warning: jealous vibes will be strong this month. When you find yourself “going green,” upcycle your emotions into a creative project or burn off steam at the gym.

Life lightens up after the 21st, when the sun floats on to optimistic, adventurous Sagittarius. Your wanderlust will be in full gear during this four-week cycle. Consider traveling for Thanksgiving instead of sticking around locally — or have a holiday prequel getaway near the new moon on the 29th. Bonus points if your trip involves an international customs line at the airport!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
April 20 to May 20
Two is your magic number this November, Taurus! All month long, the sun blazes a trail through Scorpio and Sagittarius — the signs ruling your relationship houses. Pairing up can be both joyful and profitable, but you'll need an exclusivity clause. Business dealings should be put in writing, even if you have to pony up a little cash to have a lawyer draft a contract. Romantically, you'll need to know where you stand, especially after the 21st. Be bold and design relationships that fit your desires, whether you want to get engaged or maybe just stay exclusive while keeping your own apartments. Still hunting for your missing puzzle piece? Pump up the intensity of your search efforts. With Venus in your global ninth house from the 11th on, you might even meet someone while traveling or swoon for a cutie from a different culture.

While Cupid may call regularly this month, don't let your career goals slip! From the 8th on, motivator Mars will make its biennial stopover to your 10th house of prestige. With the red planet blessing your professional endeavors until December 19, you could wrap 2016 with something huge to brag about. The new moon on the 29th will spur you to earn more — and be savvier with the money you make. It's never too early to start investing. Begin educating yourself now with our expert tips and get inspired by the possibility of breaking the six-figure ceiling while still in your 20s.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
May 21 to June 20
Only the best for you this November, Gemini. With the Scorpio sun in your discerning sixth house until the 21st, it's quality-control time. Raise the bar — both for others and yourself. Just remember: Doing an excellent job doesn't mean doing more. Stripping away the extras can help the true gems shine. Be a purist, Gemini — whether you’re auditing your closet, editing a presentation (or your friend list), or selecting locally sourced ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast. Make health a top priority, too. Stave off seasonal bugs with preventative medicine: adequate sleep, vitamin-rich food, and immunity-boosting workouts. It might be cold outside, but it's plenty warm in that hot yoga studio.

When it comes to your career, be careful not to drift in too many directions. Keeping a clear focus on your top 2016 goals will help you wrap the year with a win. You might even drop a certain project or client near the full moon on the 14th — especially if this is draining your time without bringing an ROI.

Cupid is in your corner all month as amorous Venus flits through your relationship houses. Don't ignore that urge to merge! But make sure you aren't putting all your eggs in the wrong basket. If you're not getting a warm response to your efforts, you might be better off trying elsewhere. Date around: It will be a confidence-booster! Already attached? Your connection will deepen when the sun swings into Sagittarius on the 22nd. The new moon on the 29th could bring major developments, like an engagement ring or a pair of matching apartment keys.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
June 21 to July 22
Camera-shy no more, Cancer. With the Scorpio sun illuminating your fame sector until the 21st, November could shoot you into the spotlight, bringing long-overdue recognition for your talents. Shimmy out of your shell and embrace your role as a spokesperson and leader — you can draw inspiration from kick-ass Cancers Elizabeth Warren and Cecile Richards, who have championed women's rights and feminism in 2016. On a more, uh, mundane note, Scorpio season will also sweep in with some fashion inspiration. Does your visual presentation project your inner sensibility? A trip to the salon could be game-changing, especially if you switch to a style that works with your hair's natural texture. Hello, ease.

Romantically, November's forecast shines bright like a diamond. Not only will the Scorpio sun buoy your confidence, sexy Mars will pulse through your partnership houses all month! A connection that's been heating up since last September could become a sure thing after the 8th or you'll finally be motivated enough to give the dating scene a go. When Venus joins the love fest from the 11th on, you'll be even more magnetic. Paired-off Cancers could start talking wedding plans or baby-making. Not quite there yet (or way past it)? Get a couple's vacation in motion. Who says you can't have Thanksgiving on the beaches of Hawaii?

Bring a little law and order to your court after the 22nd, when the sun settles into Sagittarius and your sixth house of efficiency and wellness for a month. While this will spawn an inconveniently timed health kick, who says you can't fete the holiday season and stay on your fitness game? Choose exercise that feels fun, like a dance class (or basically anything with this playlist of best workout songs) and don't even try to count calories on Thanksgiving. Just make sure your plate includes ample sweet potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts along with the must-have pumpkin pie. Keep on hustling at work! The new moon on the 29th could set you up beautifully for a promotion or job offer!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
July 23 to August 22
Hibernation season is here, Leo, so retreat to your lion's den. With the sun nesting in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house until the 21st, you’ll be more interested in perfecting your grilled-cheese recipe than snapping selfies from the DJ booth. Hunker down. You might even find a new place to hang your Santa hat before the month is through. Socially, you'll prefer the company of your inner circle early this month. Hop on the friends and family plan before Thanksgiving so you can arrive at the turkey carving conflict-free. But just because you're hanging at home doesn't mean you should slack on your professional duties. With the full moon landing in your ambitious 10th house on the 14th, you could score a huge win for your career!

Your love buzz shows no signs of wearing off this November. Until the 21st, you may prefer cuddling on the couch over swinging (naked) from the chandeliers. With burning-hot Mars in your relationship zone from the 8th on, you'll be eager to lock down a legit love affair. Careful though, because you could apply a little too much pressure and cause your S.O to retreat. But no faking allowed! If you want a genuine commitment, be real about it. Best to find out ASAP if you're on the same page as the person on the pillow next to yours.
Sagittarius season begins on the 21st. You'll come alive with this fellow fire sign ruling the skies. The four weeks to follow will have you in festive, playful, and romantic spirits. Pull that cheetah-print coat to the front of your closet and splurge on the silver Bowie boots. Romance crackles with electric sparks — and the new moon on the 29th could bring a new milestone or a hot prospect to pursue.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
August 23 to September 22
Calling all Virgo culture vultures (which basically means all Virgos): November's social starmap beckons you back onto the scene. With the Scorpio sun lighting up your garrulous third house until the 21st, people will be your passion. Check out all things locally grown: This celestial season is a time to engage with your neighborhood and even get a buzz going yourself. Not feeling your hometown scene? Adopt yourself into a more appropriate zip code — and consider moving there in the future. A stronger transportation game may be needed to pull this off so if you're in the market for a new set of wheels, let the test-drives commence. New friends crop up at every turn. By the 21st, you could meet someone with bona fide BFF credentials. Use your mobile gadgets selectively. While there could be some lucky swipes, real-time chemistry should take precedence to the virtual variety.

It's gonna be warm under those covers of yours, Virgo — and not just because of your electric blanket. Passionate Mars pulses through your romance house until the 8th making every interaction hot! Then, Venus picks up the baton, floating through that amorous zone from the 11th on. You'll love feeling like the star of your own erotic fantasy (rotating co-stars optional), but your thoughts on committing could be a little hazy until Neptune ends its retrograde on the 19th. Concentrate on your pleasure instead of future-tripping. Enjoying the moment is the best way to cement a long-term bond...or avoid getting stuck in the wrong thing.

Home for the holidays? Yes, please. On the 21st, the sun nestles into Sagittarius and your cozy fourth house, serving up a month of heartwarming vibes. If traveling is involved, don't wait until the last minute to book your flight. Though you might not feel super "family friendly" early this month, you'll be longing for the familiar by the time turkey day rolls around. Consider hosting at Chateau Virgo. Collaborate on cooking with a friend or relative to make it more festive. The new moon on the 29th will bring a heartwarming moment with someone from your inner circle. If you're ready to move, these moonbeams could point you to the perfect listing.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
September 23 to October 22
Oh, the lure of holiday shopping...November's (in)famous temptations will activate your decadent sign's urge to splurge. But before you start pre-stuffing any stockings, make a budget. Until the 21st, the sun is staunchly settled in Scorpio and your pragmatic second house. You don't have to deprive yourself; just be sensible with your spending. And if you're tired of tightening your belt, fixate on your income column, too. This charming solar spell could land you some new work. Circulate at networking events and work LinkedIn like a champ. If your skill set needs brushing up, take that continuing ed class to bump yourself into a new pay grade. Investing in yourself will pay off! The full moon on the 14th might even bring a cash payout from a sale. Sift through your couture and part with some of it in an online auction, maybe?

Passionate Mars heats up your romantic forecast from the 8th on. Take the lead in love, Libra, even if you're playfully (but strategically) seducing the one you adore. A cat and mouse game will be titillating as long as it ends up with a catch. With your ruler Venus heading into your domestic zone from the 11th on, moving in together or meeting each other's parents could be hot topics. Mars firepower is intense, so don't go to the opposite extreme and apply too much pressure to your amour. All things in due time, Libra.

Although you'll have to hustle at the office for much of November, your social-butterfly wings start flapping again after the 21st, when the sun kicks off a monthlong tour through Sagittarius. Don ye now the entertainment director's hat. Organizing Thanksgiving reunions and seasonal soirees will be your honored duty now. The new moon on the 29th could bring a fresh flock of kindred spirits — one who could become your BFF, bandmate, or business partner over the coming six months.

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