33 Halloween Costumes For Badass Feminists

Halloween: It’s the best of times and the worst of times, especially if you’re a socially conscious feminist. On the one hand, you’ve got candy, drinking, and dressing up — awesome things that many people are down to enjoy. On the other hand, well, something about “dressing up” seems to bring out the worst impulses in a lot of people, whether via the assumption that any woman’s costume absolutely has to accentuate/reveal virtually all of her body parts, or the depressingly predictable trend towards racially insensitive “costumes.” (Disney even kicked off its offensive take early this year!).
So what’s a fun-loving, costume-appreciating feminist to do? We did the vetting for you and rounded up a bunch of great costume ideas. From Simone Biles to Beyoncé, these suggestions will save you the trouble of figuring out which costumes best show off your passion for gender equality.
Without further ado, here’s a list of feminist costume ideas — idols, icons, and a few concepts that really should be made sexy this Halloween — for you to consider. Let us know if we’re missing any of your favorites.
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Hermione Granger

Not only did Hermione show us the importance of a strong and intelligent young woman, but Emma Watson also advocates for women's rights as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. You can't go wrong with donning a Gryffindor robe and going as this feminist witch.
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Elle Woods

Pile on the pink and dress up as the Legally Blonde icon who never let anyone stand in her way at Harvard Law School. What, like it's hard?
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2017 has been Kesha's year. Between releasing her album Rainbow and opening up about recovery and her past, she's proved to be an inspiration for feminists everywhere. Recreate her Praying music video look, and remind everyone that you're a woman and no one can stand in your way.
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Hillary Clinton

Let’s start with the obvious: It’s election year, and America is poised to elect the first female president — how could you not think of going as Hillary this year? You could go the classic route with a store-bought mask and “female politician” costume, or get DIY and put together your own Clinton costume (her campaign website has even helpfully put together a guide to a few different looks).
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Victoria Woodhull

Worried you won’t be the only Hillary at your costume party? Try a Halloween salute to another female presidential candidate: Victoria Woodhull, the first American woman to be nominated for the presidency, running in 1872 as the candidate from the Equal Rights Party. She’s not as immediately recognisable as Clinton, but dress up like a Victorian lady and spend the evening telling people who you are, and it’ll almost be like you’re living the experience of being the first woman to run for president.
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Want a sexy costume that’s more about pleasure? Can’t go wrong with a vulva (either store-bought or something of your own creation). If you’re extra industrious, you can craft a costume that’s a 3-D model of the clitoris, and spend the evening educating your friends about how complex the organ actually is.
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Notorious RBG

Where would we be without Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Show your respect for Notorious RBG in a judge’s robe with a lace collar (and, if you’re feeling fancy, make the costume pop with a crown).

(Of course, in light of her recent comments, RBG may not be considered 100% woke by 2016 standards, but it's hard to deny the contributions she has made throughout her long career in the fight against both racial and gender-based discrimination.)
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Marley Dias

You may know her better as the kid behind the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign — and if you’ve seen her picture, you know she’s a snappy dresser. Pay homage to her look at the United State of Women Summit in a sweet seersucker suit and glasses (while carting around some excellent books about Black girls, natch).
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Sexy Affirmative Consent

Halloween seems to be all about making things sexy — so why not take the opportunity to prove that there’s nothing sexier than making sure your partner’s as into the action as you are? You’re unlikely to find this one in a store, but grab a Yes Means Yes tank top and accessorise with whatever makes you feel hot. Boom — you’ve just proven affirmative consent can be a turn-on.
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Beyoncé From Lemonade

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as Beyoncé made clear this spring with her visual album, Lemonade. Take a page out of the book of Bey with a tribute to one of her many awesome outfits (I’m particularly fond of the yellow-dress-and-baseball-bat combo).
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Angelina Jolie

Bey isn’t the only famous woman reportedly done wrong this year. With the disintegration of Brangelina, why not use Halloween to show you’re firmly Team Angie? Like Hillary Clinton, she’s got a whole run of classic looks to pick from: Do you want to be glam Gia Angelina? Tomb Raider Angelina? Devoted mom and UN ambassador Angelina? Or hey, go with a combination of all of the above and be the Angelina who has it all.
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Samantha Bee

True, the devilishly funny late-night host doesn’t really have a signature look, but thanks to a unique last name and this photo shoot she did a few years back, there’s an easy fix: Get a bee costume and a long, blonde wig. Done and done.
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Ali Wong

Got a pair of hipster glasses, a striped sleeveless dress, and a beach ball? Boom, you’re Ali Wong, the stand-up comic who did an hour-long stand-up set while seven months pregnant (and somehow managed not to pee herself in the process — a feat you might not be able to pull off while watching her hilarious special, Baby Cobra).
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Ilana Wexler

Broad City’s a few years old, but the series continues to serve up fresh new jokes — and some serious fashion inspiration. Throw together a quick tribute to Ilana with a baseball cap, white tank top, jean shorts, orange sneakers, and — the pièce de résistance — a bike chain for a belt. Just make sure not to get yourself stuck to any trucks while you’re out on the town.
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Social Justice Warrior

Reclaim the term and remind everyone what it really means to fight for social justice. Get a warrior costume (think Xena), and arm yourself with information about causes you care about. Optional accessory: the severed heads of straight white men (fake, obviously).
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Social Media Troll

And if you want to go the scary route, dress up as a social media troll. How, you say? Don a standard troll costume and spend the evening handing out pieces of paper with angry conspiracy theories and insults.
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Cookie Lyon

Empire’s leading lady is a fierce, take-charge woman and a damn fine dresser. Consider this Halloween costume an excuse to upgrade your wardrobe (and, while you’re at it, acquire a stuffed lion).
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Veronica Sawyer

Have you heard that Heathers is getting a reboot? Whether you’re thrilled at the thought of a new take on this dark teen comedy, or terrified the revamped version will muck up everything good about the original, there’s never been a better time to dust off your Veronica Sawyer costume.
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Tina Belcher

And, for a more modern awkward-teen idol, you can’t go wrong with Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. (Write your own erotic friend fiction for bonus points.)
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Though if Tina’s too upbeat for you, there’s always Daria. (The ‘90s are hip again, right?)
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Ginny Baker From Pitch

Fox’s new series, Pitch, tells the story of Ginny Baker, the first woman to play for a Major League Baseball team. It also offers a pretty easy costume: Just get a Padres jersey and a baseball, and you’re good to go.
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Photo: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images.
Simone Biles

And if you prefer your female athletic inspirations to be of the contemporary variety, look no further than this summer’s Olympics for your costume inspiration. Simone Biles racked up numerous gold medals while looking amazing. Just get yourself a leotard, some (fake) Olympic medals, and maybe some practice on the balance beam.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sports Illustrated
Serena Williams

And while we’re talking sports heroes, let’s not forget one of the greatest athletes of all time: Serena Williams. If you’re not feeling the tennis-whites look, try recreating her Sports Illustrated cover from last December (all the proof anyone needs that "strong" and "sexy" aren’t mutually exclusive terms).
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Photo: Columbia Pictures/Photofest.
A Ghostbuster

The best thing about the Ghostbusters reboot (besides, well, everything)? Now, anyone can be a ghostbuster this Halloween. Women don’t have to be “sexy” Ghostbusters, or “lady” Ghostbusters; we’re just Ghostbusters, period.
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Few shows made quite the impact that Stranger Things did — and few characters had the same degree of impact as Eleven, the show’s telekinetic misfit who escapes from a military lab and discovers the joys of friendship and Eggo waffles. If you’re rocking short hair, try the Eleven-in-captivity look. Pretty attached to your long locks? Grab a blonde wig and pink dress, and you’ll be Eleven in disguise.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Sure, December seems like forever ago, but that’s no reason to forget The Force AwakensRey this Halloween. After all, the Princess Leia costume you’ve been wearing for the past few decades is starting to get a little bit tired...
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Photo: Paramount Pictures/Photofest.

And from the other end of the sci-fi spectrum, we’ve got Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond. She’s crafty, self-reliant, has good taste in music, and that black-and-white pattern on her face will make for a really fun makeup project.
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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s been inspiring girls and women for decades with her badass moves and superhuman strength. And now that she’s got the option to wear trousers, she’s even more feminist than ever.
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Ms. Marvel

And if you’re more into Marvel than DC, you can’t go wrong with Ms. Marvel — either the classic Carol Danvers version or the updated Kamala Khan, who has the distinction of being the first Muslim superhero to get her own Marvel series.
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Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix.
Misty Knight

If you’ve watched Luke Cage, you know what an awesome character Detective Misty Knight is, but you might be at a loss for a signature outfit. Fortunately, the comic book version of Knight offers a pretty sweet solution: In her classic iteration, she rocks an afro, a red bodysuit, and a big ass gun. (Looking for something a little toned down? Skinny jeans, long black hair, black boots, and a leather jacket makes for a great Jessica Jones — but you might have trouble convincing people you’re actually in costume.)
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Princess Bubblegum

Not familiar with Adventure Time? Consider Princess Bubblegum, the Hillary Clinton of kids’ cartoons. She’s tough, smart, driven, crazily accomplished, deeply protective of her people, and occasionally tripped up by her tendency towards secrecy (and a public easily swayed by shiny, loud-mouthed charlatans). Plus, hey: She’s made out of bubblegum.
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Daenerys Targaryen

And while we’re talking about tough-as-nails feminist leaders, let’s not forget Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen. Not only does she emancipate slaves and (literally) set fire to the patriarchy, she also has dragons.
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Sexy Safer Sex

And while we’re at it, take aim at anyone who claims condoms “ruin the mood” with a sexy safer sex costume. Feel free to DIY it as you see fit, or just wear this storebought condom costume along with fishnets and heels (or whatever bottoms say “sexy barrier protection” to you).

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