Kylie Jenner Teaches Us How To Make A Grilled Cheese

Photo: Via @KylizzleMyNizzl
Once in college, I had a friend Google "how to make a grilled cheese," and I remember being completely baffled that someone would need a step-by-step guide to make one of the most basic staples of the american child's diet. I was reminded of this moment a few days ago as I watched Kylie Jenner's series of Snapchat videos explaining that exact thing. I was equally confused by this, because it seems like most people should be able to intuitively figure out how to put two pieces of bread in a skillet with butter and add cheese, but at least Kylie added a few interesting twists to her recipe.

First, she stresses the importance of using a ton of butter β€” because "butter's life" β€” for her grilled cheese. Couldn't agree more with this observation, TBH. Next, Kylie shares that she prefers sourdough bread, because she thinks it tastes the best. Then, she adds American cheese.
Up until this point, this seems like the standard cheese-grilling process, but then Kylie comes in with something semi-unusual. Chef Jenner breaks out the salt and pepper, which she keeps in two gorgeous white marble dishes that match her expensive kitchen countertops. She closes up the sandwich after this addition, and presses the melty, buttery treat with her spatula.
When the sandwich is finally on her plate, Kylie opens it up and adds hot sauce, for another special variation. Finally, she cuts it in half (down the middle, not diagonally β€” key distinction) and adds a whole bunch of Flaming Hot Cheetos on the side.
Her's is a pretty straightforward recipe β€” if you can even call it that; the most difficult step seems to be waiting for the cheese to melt. But Kylie delivers the instructions with such precision and seriousness, you'll either be tricked into thinking she's showing you something impressive or laugh really hard at the ridiculousness then immediately get hungry for a grilled cheese. Either way, it's a win.

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