Look Like A Scream Queens Character With This Bloody DIY Mask

⚡️⚡️HOW TO GET AN INSTANT GLOW! ⚡️⚡️ ⁉️is your skin dull and dry and in need of some major GLOW? This mask is perfect for instant glow and anti aging to get youthful skin and it's fun! This mask idea is inspired by korean skincare modeling masks, which are applied to your entire face and neck (including your eyes) soooo its best to do this with a friend :) side note: please ignore the pimple on my cheek… cant diy 🔴mother natures monthly visit out of my life (although this mask did sooth my lil pimp and make it chill on the redness) 🌝ALL YOU NEED: ✅2 cups water - boil ✅2 tea bags of your choice - I chose hibiscus (you should too. ill tell you why later) - steep ✅2 tbs agar agar -whisk while water is boiling.. once it bubbles like lava its done ⛄️Let cool slightly and apply thick layer to entire face 💨let it dry completely (takes about 10 minutes) 🍌Peel the mask off in oneeeee swift motion. I like going top down but you can peel it off however you want. live your life. (no it doesnt pull your hair, brows, lashes because your skin is so juicy and hydrated it just slides off. it peels off as smooth as butta) 💯WHY YOU NEED TO DO THIS MASK:💯 ✅AGAR AGAR - this is what makes the mask mold to your face shape and it pretty much locks the ingredients into your skin so it forces the goodies into your skin without letting anything evaporate or escape ✅HIBISCUS TEA - extremely rich in anti-oxidants which help reduce the appearance of large pores, sooth inflamed skin (acne or redness), make your skin look extremely smooth like a babies butt helps to give you an even skin tone increases skin elasticity to make you look young prevents aging firms and lifts your skin instantly injects your skin with moisture (which is why my skin looked juicy asf) gently exfoliates your skin because of its natural acids to make it look glowy also combats acne and prevents breakouts (which i needddddd) 🌞DO THIS WHENEVER U WANT A GLOW!🌞 💸MASK COST: less than 5 dollars per use. winning. all day. ❤️SHARING IS CARING! TAG a friend who could use this and LIKE this video!! help a sistaaa out 👍🏾👇🏽👇🏽Disclaimer: always do a test patch first

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There are a million face-mask recipes online. But while we like the idea of using ingredients from our fridge, it can be hard to decipher which ones are worth the work. So when you find a formula that doubles as a blood-curdling Halloween look — as if it were straight from a Scream Queens promo — you run straight to the kitchen.

Beauty blogger Farah Dhukai shared such a mask in an Instagram video. It's made from hibiscus tea bags, water, and agar agar — an algae-derived powder that turns gelatinous when mixed with liquid. Sounds fancy, but putting it together costs less than $10.
Photo: Via @farahdhukai/Instagram.
What’s more, you don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to concoct the mask: Just boil water, add tea bags, and whisk in agar agar until it bubbles. Let the brew cool slightly before applying (test on a small area first to assess the heat level). After you apply, the red-tinged goop hardens and can be pulled from skin in a swift motion.

It's important to note that any type of tea can be used, although Dhukai emphasizes hibiscus for its laundry list of skin benefits. Among them: evening out your complexion and soothing inflammation.
Another reason to like the red, gooey mask? It's the perfect twofer for Halloween. If you don't want to slather it on your face, just paint it on your hands, throw on a nurses uniform, and go as Chanel Oberlin. How’s that for a Halloween trick?


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