What These So-Called "True Stories" Get Wrong

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX/Shutterstock.
Biopics rarely feature "just the facts." But audiences often consider such films to be 100% nonfiction. Whether the movie covers a little-known historical figure or a major celeb, it's likely viewers are being introduced to the subject through the Oscar-bait film they inspired.

A "based on true events" caveat, it turns out, grants you a lot of leeway. Directors can mess around with timelines. They can make their star seem more or less likable than the IRL person they're portraying, and even invent characters to move the plot along.

Here are some recent biopics that didn't stick to the whole truth. Choices were often made to create dramatic tension. And if the awards these flicks racked up are any indication, those decisions paid off.

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