Why Is Amy Schumer So Salty About The Met Gala?

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Say what you want about Howard Stern (obviously, there's plenty to say), but his ability to coax celebs into being the worst versions of themselves on air is pretty impressive. On the block this week: Amy Schumer.

The Emmy Award-winning comic went on Stern's iconic radio program and talked about a lot of things — her new book, for one, gray area rape, a.k.a. "grape," for another. But she also laid down some real talk about how she much hated going to the Met Gala this year.

"We're dressed up like a bunch of fucking assholes," Schumer said, adding that she's completely disinterested in fashion and that she skedaddled from the event as soon as she possibly could. "It felt like a punishment. It's not me."

The only highlight of the evening, according to Schumer, was meeting Beyoncé: The comedian apparently took the opportunity to tell Bey that this would be her last Met Gala. So, yeah: Schumer definitely wanted out of there. (Imagine telling Beyoncé you want to leave a party at which Beyoncé is in attendance. Personally, I find it unfathomable.)

But, okay fine. As someone who is extremely resentful of career mandated socializing, a.k.a. a little thing I like to call "forced fun," I get it. After all, Schumer — like every celeb there — was essentially working the event. She may have been all dolled up in a fancy gown, but the point of being there was to be seen, photographed, and positioned as part of an elite community of people who were invited to the Met Gala in the first place. That would only be fun if you also happened to enjoy those sorts of events, and if you're really into fashion, which Schumer is decidedly not.

But, as much as I can empathize with preferring to stay home in sweats, it also seems like there's something unnecessarily judgmental about the way Schumer is shitting on the Met Gala. There's a sense that she considers herself above stepping out with dumb fashion people who find attending red carpet events and wearing fancy frocks enjoyable. But it is in fact possible to both love frivolous shit and not be a completely vapid human being.

I'm not suggesting that Schumer defines either of those categories as being mutually exclusive. But here's a good rule of thumb: If the possibility of meeting Beyoncé isn't enough to make getting out of your sweats worth it, then you should probably just stay home.

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