8 Of Michael Jackson's Most Iconic Dance Moves

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Michael Jackson will forever be the King of Pop. The impact of his career will live on forever, even if he himself was mortal, just like the rest of us. Standout songs like "Thriller," "Beat It," and "Bad" are required listening for anyone who claims to know anything about music.

But perhaps even more influential than his sounds were his dance moves. Each iconic and irreplaceable move will never be topped. How could they be? They were revolutionary. A special kind of rhythm fueled his choreographies in music videos and live performances. He had, after all, been an international superstar since the age of 6, right up until the day of his untimely death in 2009.

In honor of the late icon's birthday on August 29, we're revisiting his most celebrated dance moves. The man didn't need any embellishments. (Although he did love a great costume.) All he needed was a microphone and a stage. Oh, and a pair of dancing shoes.
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The Crotch Grab
Ah, the infamous crotch grab. In an interview in 1993, Oprah asked Jackson about his signature move, and he said, "I think it happens subliminally."
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The Spin
How many spins was that? He practically moved at the speed of light.
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The Anti-Gravity Lean
This move is truly mesmerizing. The agility that went into Jackson's choreography looks like a magic trick, but the secret lay in his patented shoes that locked into the floor and allowed him to lean without the risk of falling on his face.
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The Moonwalk
Appearing on Good Morning America in 2008, Jackson said the happiest time in his life was when he was recording "Thriller" in 1982. That's also about the time that he started working on his most famous dance move, the moonwalk, which he debuted in 1983.
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The Kick
The kick was one of his most frequently used dance moves for its versatility. The kicks reached almost as high his vocals.
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The Slides & Glides
Jackson's iconic slides and glides looked so effortless. He seemed virtually weightless.
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The "Thriller" Dance
This is by far the most epic music video performance of all time. Many even consider it a mini-movie. One of the choreographers of the video also danced in Jackson's "Beat It" music video. When Jackson found a dancer who got it, he kept that person around.
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The "Dangerous" Dance
When you're ready to see them all together, look no further than the "Dangerous" routine. If you're interested in trying this one out yourself (good luck!) here's a seven-step guide.

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