Bad Moms Exclusive Featurette: Don't Use Your Phone During Movies

Two Bad Moms are here with a decidedly good message. In partnership with Alamo Drafthouse, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn are in a PSA reminding audiences that using a cellphone during any movie is totally unacceptable.

"We might be bad moms," Hahn begins, "But we draw the line at raising asshole kids."

The two women offer suggestions for parents looking to punish their wayward offspring for talking, texting, or snapping during a movie.

"Smash the phone, and tell her she'll have to write letters to her friends from now on," Bell says.

As the suggestions become more and more ludicrous – texting a crush, tossing some 16th place basketball medals in the garbage – Bell finally takes it too far. "Make him read a book," she jeers.

"Woah!" Hahn hilariously cautions. "That's a little harsh."

This short is another example of Alamo Drafthouse's history of making funny Don't Talk PSAs, reminding audiences not to use their phones during films.
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