These Parents Are Bringing The Harry Potter Fandom To The Next Generation

There are plenty of ways to celebrate your love of Harry Potter with your children. You could read the books to them before bed. Or have your own family HP movie marathon. And you can always transform your kids into Harry Potter characters for a very magical photo shoot.
As BuzzFeed discovered, Jesse and Katherine Oldfield decided to go with the latter. For a family photo shoot (which was photographed by Kelsey Clouse) starring their toddler Sebastian and newborn Theodore, they decided to turn their sons into a tiny Hogwarts student and a screaming mandrake, respectively.
This isn't the first time the Oldfield's have brought some HP magic into a family photo. When Sebastian was a baby, his photos featured a stack of Harry Potter books, a broom, and of course, some little glasses and a lighting-bolt scar. We can't wait to see the kind of Halloween photos this family comes up with. Check out the adorable shoot, over on BuzzFeed.
Photo: Courtesy of Kelsey Clouse.

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