Did You Realize All These Celebrities Have Different-Colored Eyes?

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images.
Have you ever tried on colored contacts, placing just one before looking in the mirror and thinking, Damn, this looks cool?

No? Only me?

Well, more than just "cool" aesthetics, some people are actually born with two different-colored eyes. No colored contacts here.

Medically, it is called "heterochromia" which means that the iris (the colored part of the eye) is multicolored. This doesn't necessarily mean that one eye is a striking ocean blue while the other is a chocolatey brown, but rather, one eye contains various colors differing from the other.

It makes for quite a unique headshot.

In honor of Different Colored Eye Day on July 12, (Yep — a real thing. Add it to your weird holidays calendar.) we rounded up a few celebrities with different-colored eyes.

While some are more subtle than others, these celebrities prove that there's no such thing as a beauty flaw — it only makes them all more unique.

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