Orangutan Escapes, Shuts Down Theme Park, Does Not Avenge Harambe

An orangutan who was in no way seeking vengeance for Harambe’s death broke free and shut down Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida before he was darted and captured a few hours later, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The ape, who nobody can prove had a plan to hunt and kill the people responsible for Harambe’s death, shook loose and climbed some trees. Understandably, people were a little freaked out. But not too freaked out to shoot some dope video.

Look at that guy. He’s just hanging out. Just a powerful ape that could instantly murder a human with his bare hands swinging from a tree. Lounging.


The ape was eventually returned to its enclosure where it posed for some photo opportunities.

Poor Harambe. One day your death will be avenged. Just not today.


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