Justin Bieber's Little Brother Looks Like An Adorable Hellion

Justin Bieber has a younger brother. He actually has a sister, too, but that’s not important now. Jaxon Bieber is Justin’s younger half-brother. Jaxon looks a lot like Justin; they have the same father. His half-brother is also adorable.

Jaxon also looks a lot like the type of six-year-old that would peel out on his Big Wheel, hollering. Or full-sized adult ATV, hollering. Maybe it’s the earring, we’re not sure. But Jaxon definitely looks like a child extra from Trailer Park Boys, which is a really good show. (OK, it's definitely the earring.)

Young Jaxon is already quite the social media sensation. His Instagram account, which has two pictures, is followed by a million people. His empty Twitter account is followed by 569,000 people. Not only that, he's already stolen the show at the Grammys with his cuteness and mastered the art of looking super bored on the red carpet.

This kid is going to be a huge star, we guarantee it.

“Slim Shady,” Bieber captions the picture.

That’s accurate. Justin Bieber is an amazing recording artist, and it’s worth remembering that he came from, like, not the hugest city. The man once wore overalls to meet the Prime Minister. We love his brother, and we look forward to him getting a stylist. And a shirt.

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