Lena Dunham Doesn't Want To Be Bossed Around By A Guy

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Lena Dunham was up late working on the next and final season of Girls last night, but she was awake in time to speak at TheWrap's Power Women Breakfast this morning. Maybe that accounts for how honest she was about her future plans. (Not that she doesn't speak the truth at all hours.)

"I can feel that things are starting to be a little more emotional [on set], and we're all starting to realize that at this point next year, we're not going to be the regularly employed twentysomething actresses that we once were," Dunham told TheWrap's editor-in-chief Sharon Waxman.

Waxman later asked if Dunham was considering more acting gigs, say, if a director like David O. Russell called her up for a part. "I don't have a case of Great Man Syndrome," Dunham said, with all due respect to Russell. "The be-all and end-all for me wouldn't be like, a dude called me up and said, 'It's finally your time.' It sounds so tiring to get bossed around by a dude for six months. It's almost inconceivable. But, I guess you should say, never say never."

Dunham would rather focus on continuing to write and direct. "I'd really like to create opportunities for other women," Dunham said. "I really like directing other female actors. There's also such a dearth of roles for women, and for diverse women, that I would just be excited to be the person that was helping engineer more of those."


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