This YouTuber Wants You To Celebrate Yourself The Way You Want To

Naked Truths is a series where we ask cultural influencers, makeup artists, and badass women about their relationship with self-confidence while they remove their makeup.

It seems like everyone wants what they don't have. But imagine a world where this isn't the case. Imagine expressing yourself artistically through your style without it meaning that you hate the way you look.

YouTuber Jackie Aina grew up unable to pinpoint her culture. Because her mother is from America and her father is from Nigeria, she always felt like she wasn't African enough or American enough. Aina faced that complex duality while dealing with the societal pressure towards African-American women to be: 1. natural and holistic, and 2. hate yourself and change everything. When discovering her beauty identity, Aina realized she loved wearing extensions, braids, and having her hair natural — and not falling into any beauty standard.

Watch as Aina talks about celebrating herself the way she wants to, not the way she's supposed to.

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