Jake Gyllenhaal Had The Same Problem As All '90s Kids

There are so many technology struggles '90s kids remember that kids today just won't understand. Needing to rewind Toy Story before you return it to Blockbuster. The horror you'd feel when you took a tape out of your VCR and unspooled the long, black ribbons. And a frustration Jake Gyllenhaal is very familiar with — starting a tape someone recorded off the TV only to discover the tape ended before the movie did.
Gyllenhaal explained just how intense that particular problem was in his pop-culture education in an interview with Jess Cagle, the editorial director at Entertainment Weekly and People. Gyllenhaal's father would never record a movie in its entirety, including his childhood favorite.

"I remember watching Pete's Dragon when I was a kid," Gyllenhaal explained, "And I just never knew what happened." He went on to say he still doesn't know how the film wraps up. Yes, Gyllenhaal has kept such a busy schedule that he never took a Sunday afternoon to stream the end of his favorite kid's film. At least now his friends know what to get him for his next birthday.

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