Kylie Jenner's Paparazzi Got Smacked Down By A Grandpa

How far would you go to ensure that your loved ones got a highly coveted selfie with lip gloss queen Kylie Jenner? In this TMZ video, one grandpa fights and curses the paparazzi who shoved his Kylie-fan granddaughters.

The video shows Kylie Jenner stepping out of an L.A. club called The Nice Guy, where she meets two young fans who had tried to get photos with her in the past — and failed.

This time, Jenner stopped and posed with the two young girls. But when the paparazzi started to shove them, their grandfather came to the rescue. Dressed in overalls and a strange farmer's hat, he held a cigarette between his lips while he pushed, shoved, and cursed out the paparazzi.

Jenner glided by the brawl without hesitation. Long after she ghosts, the angry grandpa continued to fight the photographers.

The video ends with the feisty grandpa being asked to leave the premises. He shouts one or two more bits of profanity before parting ways, his family in tow.

In the end, grandpa got to fight, the granddaughters got their photo, and King Kylie's lip glosses are still sold out. Everyone wins.

Watch the full video, below.

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