Here's What You Should Make With Your Trader Joe's Groceries

When it comes to supermarket preferences, we're all about cheap, easy, and delicious, which is why we talk about Trader Joe's quite a bit. Between its low prices and creative snacks and meals, we can see why the market is consistently dubbed a consumer favorite.

Of course, we're not the only Trader Joe's fanatics. In fact, there's a whole Instagram account dedicated to featuring simple recipes made with ingredients you can find at TJ's. Marisa McBride founded Traders Table as a way to help out friends who asked for her recipes and cooking tips. (Full disclosure, I originally discovered Traders Table because the account tagged me in a post about Refinery29.)

Each photo post is an ingredient grid with the full recipe written out in the comment underneath. The images feature a visual shopping list, so you can grab exactly what you need instead of running around the market trying to figure out what to make for dinner after a long workday.


McBride does 95% of her grocery shopping at TJ's, and feels the supermarket offers a "sweet spot of both quality and a price point that people can afford," as she told us via email. "The other thing about Trader Joe’s that I appreciate is how often they are introducing new and unique products," McBride continued.

The recipes found on Traders Table are a combination of McBride putting her own spin on things learned in the kitchen from her mom, and dishes McBride comes up with on the fly based on whatever her TJ's shop included that week. She also gets ideas around the web and from dining out.

If you're wondering about her favorite TJ's buys, McBride also does individual product features from time to time. And right now, she's partial to the Hot & Sweet Chili Jam. "It’s perfect as a spread on a cheese platter, makes an outstanding marinade mixed with a little lemon juice and soy sauce, or is great added to a stir-fry," she told R29.

Check out Traders Table for more inspiration for easy weeknight meals.

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