Exclusive Clip: Melissa McCarthy Shocks Kristen Bell With Her Vagina In The Boss

Melissa McCarthy characters aren't known for discretion, and Michelle Darnell, her latest, is no different. Case in point: the below clip from The Boss, debuting exclusively on Refinery29. The movie features McCarthy as Michelle, a onetime business honcho who gets busted for insider trading. After she's released from prison, she's taken in by her employee, Kristen Bell's Claire.

In the clip, Claire finds Michelle in the bathroom, spraying her body with self tanner, her vagina fully on display. When Claire tells Michelle that she can see, well, all of her, Michelle responds: "Well, congratulations and you're welcome. You know, I had it rejuvenated in 2010. They call it a vajuvenation. You know, it's like a soft, silk coin purse. I can barely urinate." Too much information, Michelle. Entirely.

Meanwhile, Michelle is also defiling Claire's bathroom with orange tanner, and winds up mooning Claire's daughter, Rachel. Rachel, however, ultimately leads Michelle to an idea for a new business venture: "a Brownie empire," as Michelle declares in the trailer.

McCarthy co-wrote The Boss alongside Ben Falcone and Steve Mallory. Falcone, McCarthy's husband, also directed the movie, which is due out April 8.


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