Modeling Made Cara Delevingne Very Miserable

Photo: Rindoff/Le Segretain/Getty Images.
Cara Delevingne has made it quite clear over the past year or so that modeling is an erstwhile role for her. Instead, she's focusing on a career in Hollywood. But in case you were wondering just how done Delevingne is with the catwalk, look no further than this essay, which she penned for Motto, Time's new women's site.

The piece, which is about seeking and getting the approval of others, shares — in no uncertain terms — that modeling was kind of an awful experience."'I felt like I needed validation from everyone," Delevingne writes of her stint in the fashion business. "As a result, I lost sight of myself and what it meant to be happy, what it meant to be successful."

The root of Delevingne's unhappiness while working in fashion was, apparently, that perpetual quest for approval: "I think it all stemmed from a deep-down feeling of wanting people to like me and love me."

Last summer, the model turned actress told The Times about a few other ways that the fashion industry has really done a number on her: She felt prematurely aged, "a bit hollow," and like "it didn't make me grow at all as a human being."

Delevingne has a knack for refreshingly unfiltered interviews, sharing everything from her struggles with (professional) stress-induced psoriasis to rampant sexism in superhero movies. This latest confessional confirms that Delevingne and her iconic brows won't be cropping up in fashion editorials or on runways anytime soon, in case you were holding out any hope.

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