The New BeanBoozled Flavors Are Seriously The Worst

I recently played a food game that had all my friends squealing – Chocolate Russian Roulette. It goes like this: You take turns eating chocolate bullets and pray that you don’t get the one that contains insanely spicy hot sauce. Jelly Belly is onto a similar concept with its new jelly bean game, BeanBoozled.
Courtesy of: Jelly Belly.
The game contains a total of 20 jelly beans: 10 of the classic Jelly Belly flavors we all love, and 10 “evil twins.” For example, you might think that you are popping the Chocolate Pudding jelly bean into your mouth, but the taste that covers your tongue is Canned Dog Food. No, we're not kidding.

For the 4th edition of BeanBoozled, Jelly Belly have added in two new flavor doozies – Dead Fish (its look-alike is Strawberry Banana Smoothie) and Spoiled Milk (its “twin” is Coconut). Apparently, the gross flavors are really gross (like gag reflex-inducing gross!), so consider yourself warned.

What do you say? Would you play?

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