This New Instagram Trend Is Too Bizarre

Sometimes the internet is a place to go to google cold symptoms and then become convinced that you're dying. Other times, it's the giver of many gifts — like the newest Instagram celeb account, Bread Face Blog.

That's right. A new "celeb" on Instagram is an anonymous woman who pushes her face into bread of all types on camera, set to a "carefully-selected pop song," Time reports. Watch her breadface (it's a verb now, you see) a Meat Hook sandwich loaf, below.

Part 2 😓 #breadfacing @meathooksandwich

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We're not sure what the endgame is, but the mysterious woman has occasionally reviewed the breads based on how they feel on her face on a Tumblr account. Of Martin's Potato Roll, she writes, "This is definitely one of my favorite breads to eat. It is soft, cushy, hearty and it shares the same buttery color of cheap butter-sauced movie theatre popcorn that makes me salivate... I also chose it because I love that last sliver of bun that melds the two sides together."

Her rating for the bread feel? Eight. "It was squishy, moist, and had a slight suction to it that made my eyes roll to the back of my head. I loved that I could see the indentation of my face in it, too," she explains.

12. Cornbread 🤔 #breadfacing

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It might sound weird, but to be fair, the best part of bread is oftentimes the texture — from buttery brioche to crusty sourdough. We probably wouldn't put something as tough as country bread on our face, but the softness of a butter roll? Could be appealing. Just watch her King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls experience.

10. King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls 🙂🙃🙂 #breadfacing

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Potential cons: Buttery bread might cause breakouts, and sharp crusts could potentially cut her skin. But turns out, she has her skincare routine perfected, and as for food waste? "I’ll tear off the lipstick-ed part and eat [the bread]," the mysterious bread woman told Munchies. "Wasting food is a tsk-tsk!"

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